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5 greedy AF methods that tried to knock down players


Solitaire is now always online and offers ads

Microsoft Solitaire began as a way of teaching people how to use the mouse, and has since become a fixture all Windows operating systems. Apart from Windows 8. But we are not talking about Windows 8.

Microsoft It was a dark time for our country and our planet. You kids would not understand that.

Anyway, Solitaire has achieved a successful Windows 10 achievement with a few extra features ̵

1; mostly ads. Not a few banners that you can easily ignore, but full-screen, non-tilting videos that play between games. To be honest, gives them a way to turn them off, which means giving Microsoft $ 1.50 a month or $ 10 a year. Wait, that's worse.

Microsoft Return the ski game where you are eaten by a yeti, and we pay three times for it.

For the full-garbage mobile gaming experience, there are also Daily Challenges that spend extra coins. Another way to get coins is to play a series of new game modes that are so uninteresting that Microsoft has to bribe you to try them out. Oh, and if you want to change the difficulty level of the game you have to be online – which is very unfortunate since no one has tried playing Solitaire as long as his Internet was actually working.

Microsoft Microtransactions? Always online? We are surprised that there are no obligatory Kinect controls.

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