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5 great free campsites in Oddee

It is time for anyone who is not the 1% to evade the idea that they will soon get more money or more free time. Jeff Bezos topped up his fortune by $ 13 billion in 24 hours – a record for rich people. So we’re out here alone and we better live like that. Have you done camping for this purpose?

Camping is said to be an affordable way to travel. No expensive hotels, only you connect with nature for dollars a day. The truth is that a reservation in a national park is hardly possible in the short term. State parks fill up six months in advance. And depending on the equipment, a campsite can save you $ 30 to $ 1

00 a night – no longer 99 percent. Take the dirt back and check out these free campsites across America.

Five great free campsites across America

Freidlein Prarie Road, Coconino National Forest

Flagstaff, Arizona

Photo by Esteban Ramos on Unsplash

In the summer months, the scattered camping in the national forest fills up quickly – thanks to the “The forest belongs to everyone” campaign. Stick to the 14 designated campsites along Freidlein Prarie Road. Each has a fire ring, space for up to two vehicles and a tent. You can stay up to 14 days to explore all Coconino offers, from forests to deserts to alpine tundra.

Blankenship Bridge, Glacier National Park

Flathead County, Montana

Photo by Shane Stagner on Unsplash

Campsites are a challenge in the national parks in summer. Instead, opt for free camping outside the national park at the Blankenship Bridge. There are toilets nearby that are open all year round and you are close enough to the city to fill up with water cans. Watch out for bears and keep all food and fragrant items in bear-proof containers. It can get crowded and valuables can be kept in your car or RV, but the view is worth it for a few nights.

Cebolla Mesa, Carson National Forest

Northern New Mexico

Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash

There are no amenities or support at this campsite. So you have to unpack all of your waste and pack all of your groceries and water. But you can wake up on a mesa over the Rio Grande. There are challenging hiking opportunities nearby, including a path down from the campsite to the river. It’s far from the tourist trails, so you’ll likely reach a campsite during the busy times of the year.

Padre Island, Padre Island National Coast

Corpus Christie, Texas

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

The campsite is open all year round, but be careful during the hurricane season. There are no amenities either, but there is a water filling station and an unloading station for campers. Four-wheel drive is required on some campsites, but you can pitch a tent and fall asleep with the sound of the waves. There is a certain sense of lawlessness in the area. Be warned that additional features for your stay can be noisy teens and joyriders.

Jackson Mountain Road, San Juan National Forest

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Photo by Emmanuél Appiah on Unsplash

While you have to pack and unpack at this point, the view and the quiet are worth it. Especially for the proximity to the activities in San Juan National Forest and Pagosa Springs. Visit the hot Springs, or go Hose in the river that runs right through the city.

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