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5 fun, stupid ways to beat famous games fast


Beat Jurassic Park By staring at your own breasts

From all Jurassic Park Games out there Jurassic Park: intruder is … certainly one of them. It might not be a good game, but it’s at least known for introducing the physics-based puzzles that ended later Influencing Half-life 2. While this is a bit unfair, it should also be known for rolling out the first (hopefully last) health indicator on your T-Rexes.

Electronic Arts
We are honestly amazed that this wasn’t the boxing art.

Yes, this very conveniently placed heart shaped deed is your health bar. Every time you get hit, some of your heart ink is used up, much like a sexy reinterpretation of ZeldaHealth knife that nobody asked for.

Electronic Arts
We think it’s the first game with a heads-down display.

As sad as the steps that made it all possible, it gets sadder when you find out that this is also the key to mastering the game. (blah blah could blah blah never asked if blah blah)

Electronic Arts
Yes, each of the pictures will look like this. For what it’s worth, we feel weird too.

If you stare at your “health meter” while grabbing an object (in-game) and spamming the jump button, players can jump infinitely and bypass all obstacles in the game while allowing the character to breathe hard at the same time. Really. We’d ask like that Developers could be so distracted that You might miss a mistake like this, but we already know the answer.

Electronic Arts
No, there is no mishap that will ensure that this doesn’t look dirty.


Skyrim:: Never ending Story-ing your horse to become the lightning bolt

Developers are likely dreading the day they find out they need to program horses into their games. If you cut the programming in half, you start disastrously violating the laws of horses and humans; fully, and everyone is starting to make fun of your horse’s realism. “dynamic testicular physics.“Even so, developers are adding horses to the game because nobody is spending $ 69.99 on the game Red Dead Powerwalkerand they allow faster movement. However, since the players are never satisfied, the players have discovered an extremely strange flaw that allows horse-grade, ultra-fast travel without the horse.

Bethesda Softworks
“I like this open world game, but if there was only one way to jump past all of this open world.”

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