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5 former stars who are back on the news for strange reasons

It turned out that there were many holes in Feldman's story and no in Feldman himself. When contacted, the LAPD stated that there had been "no cuts to Mr Feldman's stomach" and that there were no suspects, no weapon and no evidence that an actual attack had been committed. Feldman refused to let it go and decided to provide the proof by publishing an Instagram image of the knife wound. Or a mosquito bite. It's difficult to say.


Tennis backward Boris Becker pretended to be a diplomat to avoid bankruptcy

Boris Becker knows how to do two things: play tennis and destroy money. Living an expensive lifestyle, having an expensive love child, his even more expensive divorce brought Boom Boom Becker back on the news as a British court ruled him bankrupt in 201

7. But Becker still had an ace to play: massive identity fraud. 19659005] When Becker refused to cooperate with the courts, they confiscated his belongings and sold them to the highest bidder. The compulsory auction was to take place when Becker discontinued the procedure of asserting diplomatic immunity. You see, they were not following Boris Becker, the faded tennis star, but Boris Becker, the inviolable Central African Republic, who supports the European Union in sporting, cultural and humanitarian matters. Easy mistake to make.

  The flash was really bright. Via DW.com "The flash was really bright."

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