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5 Forgotten Times Presidents narrowly escaped death


A seditious mob tried to kill Nixon in Venezuela

In 1958, Venezuela decided it was that time of the decade again and stood up. The crowd of revolutionaries grew so large and frightening that dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez took the first flight from there and was in the United States. A few years later America would send him back to Venezuela to explain all of the hundreds of millions of dollars he stole from there, but at the moment it seemed that the US was on the side of the new nation’s enemy. In this climate, the United States thought it a good idea to send Vice President Richard Nixon to South America for a “goodwill”

; tour.

5 Presidents of Forgotten Times have narrowly escaped death - Nixon visits Caracas, Venezuela and is attacked by a mob

U.S. government
Pictured: “Goodwill”.

When Nixon and his wife Pat landed in Caracas, a crowd at the airport threw stones and spat them out with tobacco-flavored spit. The secret service built a wall to protect the second couple as best they could, but it was still a struggle for them just to get into their waiting car. The plan had been to visit a national memorial and lay a wreath, but someone informed Nixon, “Sir, there are protesters already at the memorial and they found the wreath and tore it to pieces,” was the new plan Find security in the US embassy.

The mob just grew along the way, now armed with pipes and clubs. The car had to stop and the attackers tried to turn it around – they would clearly tear Nixon apart if they could get their hands on him. The Secret Service got out of the car and tried to push the locals back. 12 agents were injured (all received later) Awards or medals). They were about to open fire, but Nixon told them not to do it, showing the Nixonian calm for which we of course remember him today. He was just lucky that they chose a closed vehicle instead of the open car he had previously used during the trip. He was also fortunate that the car had shatterproof windows.

5 Presidents of Forgotten Times narrowly escaped death - Nixon's car is attacked by a mob in Caracas, Venezuela

U.S. government
In the picture: “Shatterproof” glass.

They reached the embassy where the Venezuelan military had to come out to stop the crowd from storming the place. The US happened to have its own military, and assassination of a vice president was a great way to start a war, President Eisenhower said mobilized 1,000 troops invade the country if necessary in a maneuver called Operation Poor Richard. Venezuelan President Wolfgang Larrazabal was okay with the protests up to that point, but he now said Nixon would have full protection of the country. And so Nixon left the country without dying. He would always dislike Latin America and the world in general.

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