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5 films that were surprisingly dangerous for the film

You might think that with the exceptional budgets barring the occasional stunt accidents and the like, movie sets are generally reasonably safe places. While this is for the most part, making a movie is such an unpredictable process that shooting it can be surprisingly unsafe for a number of reasons.

When it does, the people involved usually have no choice but to suck it up when they want to make your money …


On the Total recall Shoot, everything made people sick

Filming in Mexico “drives the strong off the track,” said Schwarzenegger. He spoke from his filming experience Total recall on location in Mexico, where the air, water and food on set were so bad it was basically impossible not to get sick. Production designer William Sandell described breathing the air as follows: “Breathe 2 packs of cigarettes a day.”

; That was one of the easier things. Almost everyone on the set got sick, which meant that one of the most important things on the set was knowing how long it would take you to run to the nearest bathroom to drop off “Quaid off at Mars”.

Sometimes people were so exhausted from the rampant disease that they had to be evacuated or taken drastic measures to keep going. A producer – with a reputation for being one of the toughest guys in Hollywood – couldn’t handle it and was flown out for treatment. Towards the end, director Paul Verhoeven got so sick that He kept an ambulance ready on the set To give him fluids immediately, he had to keep shooting the film.

TriStar images
All of this was made possible because a man refused to go to the hospital.

Only two people didn’t share this hell: Schwarzenegger and co-screenwriter Ron Shusett. Shusett was so incredibly careful not to catch anything that he just brushed his teeth with bottled water, and he insisted on getting a B12 shot every week. Everyone made fun of him, but their laughter soon turned into tortured screams that were muffled by the bathroom door. On the other hand, Schwarzenegger was flying in food from Los Angeles that a private chef had cooked for him in his own trailer. Eventually, Schwarzenegger’s cook got sick so he had to eat with everyone else when Judgment Day came back for his bowels.

He would make the same face in the bathroom later.


Return of the king Was shot in a literal minefield

One morning on the set of Return of the kingA New Zealand officer showed up as everyone was immersed in the first breakfast. He carefully stated that they might find missiles and bombs during the filming and should definitely be careful not to touch, kick, or dig holes in them. It’s not clear how they reacted, but it’s a damn good thing before you’ve even had your coffee.

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