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5 FBI mistakes (you really want everyone to forget)


The FBI never managed to solve a stupid break into their own office

Some of the seediest things the FBI has ever done fell under a project called COINTELPRO. The government has put down a number of activist groups by illegally monitoring, infiltrating, fighting with propaganda, and occasionally working to arrange their deaths. We don’t know about COINTELPRO because a whistleblower spoke up or because after a few years the FBI shrugged and said, “Let’s make this information public. It’s time to get clean.” We know about it because a number of burglars broke into your office and stole a thousand documents.

The gang called themselves the Citizens Commission to investigate the FBI ̵

1; unlike vaguely named groups like “Americans for Freedom” or whatever, these guys didn’t bother to define their purpose. They had had some success at smooth break-ins in the past. In 1970 they wanted to break into the local design office and steal their selective service records. One of them just stuck a note on the door that said: “Please don’t lock this door tonight“That night the door was sure to be unlocked and they could slip right inside.

The following year they planned to break into the FBI’s office in Media, Pennsylvania. Your strategy? They planned the break-in for the night Muhammad Ali would box Joe Frazier.

Appropriate as they stole <a rel=nofollow href=https://theintercept.com/2016/06/06/in-1971-muhammad-ali-helped-undermine-the-fbis-illegal-spying-on-americans/>the FBI file on Ali</a> tonight.  “width =” 350 “height =” 279 “class =” lazy “data-src =” https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/1/8/0/744180_v2.jpg “/><span>via Wiki Commons<br />
</span><span class=Appropriate, since they stole the FBI files on Ali that night.

They thought even if they made noise, no one around the office was paying attention because they would all be taped onto their screens. You were right. One burglar, Keith Forsyth, was equipped with the skills and tips to break open the door lock, but when a new lock turned out to be too stubborn, a crowbar did the trick. Then the gang went in, ransacked the location of the documents and released them to the Washington Post Those they believed Americans had a right to see.

Even when their cause was fair, the gang was breaking the law and facing criminal prosecution if the FBI could identify them. But the FBI couldn’t. This despite the correct guess that one of the culprits must be that strange young woman who recently walked into the office claiming to be a student reporter writing about jobs for women. The woman was actually a member of the commission Bonnie Raines wraps the joint. They had failed to find out her name before she was allowed to visit the place, and she had put on her gloves carefully so as not to leave marks.

They published a sketch, but it only clearly showed someone in disguise.
They published a sketch, but it only clearly showed someone in disguise.

The FBI never solved the case. Which begs the question, my gosh, if your agents can’t even solve a break-in to your own office, then how do we count on you to solve something else? You might have another question: How do we know the names “Bonnie Raines” and “Keith Forsyth” if the FBI never found the culprits? Well, the commissioners came forward and identified themselves … as soon as they could no longer be charged. Sorry FBI, statutes of limitations are a bitch.


FBI agents at a rescue took orders from an army man (who really was a con man there to steal)

Interstate 40 crosses the Arkansas River in Oklahoma thanks to a miraculous technology known as a “bridge”. On May 26, 2002, the freeway was barely able to cross the river thanks to a miraculous phenomenon known as the “catastrophically collapsing bridge”. Over in the river a tug was hauling two barges. Steering the boat was a man by the darkly prophetic name of Joe Dedmon. That day, Captain Dedmon passed out thanks to a heart episode. Its huge barges crashed into the pier under the bridge, which tore down the bridge’s supports that threw the bridge into the water.

This is either a photo of the disaster or a built-in Lego playset.
Xpda / Wiki Commons
This is either a photo of the disaster or a built-in Lego playset.

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