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5 famous games, inspired by the most random things

The short answer is that it's all Brazil's fault. During the 80s, some Fuji TV executives happened to be at the carnival in Brazil and they liked what they saw – not just the barely concealed fools everywhere, but also the concept of throwing a huge crazy party on the streets. They decided to organize their own 44-day festival, which they named Yume Kojo ("Dream Factory") because it was about dreams and fantasy. Somehow this has had an effect on "masks everywhere and anytime".

Yume Kojo & # 39; 87 All those shy guys you kill are normal people who want to get drunk during the day.

As part of the one-year media flash To promote the festival, Fuji TV commissioned Nintendo to produce Yume Kojo video game. Nintendo threw the visual elements of the festival (including its mascot, wearing a turban, Imaji) into a blender with an existing prototype of them, and what came out was Doki Doki Panic Nintendo turned the game into a Mario Titles for international publication and retained related elements such as the masks and the dream theme with Yume Kojo . The game ends with the revelation that Mario dreamed it all. Considering how long the actual festival lasted and how much they tried to impose it on people, we can not accuse Mario of having a nightmare of stress as he spins around, throwing festivalgoers into bottomless pits with vegetables and stuff like that ,

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The Wolfenstein Reboot series owes … Yahtzee?

The only action in the original Wolfenstein games was "Hey, here are Nazis. Kill them." When the series was re-launched in this decade, one of the key innovations was to add an elaborate story, complex characters, and actual emotion to the old formula. How did you do that? Easy! By notes of Zero Punctuation . Yes, the witty game review series by extremely British critic Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. In particular, the joke video about Duke Nukem Forever.

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