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5 dark ways Powerful people have silenced their critics


Reporters examined Facebook’s photos of child abuse; Facebook reported them for photos of child abuse

At the moment, the big controversy on Facebook is how the website should deal with hate speech. There is still debate because we are talking about content that is legal, content that nobody has the right to prevent you from being in a book or anything. But then what about things about which there is no debate because everyone agrees that it is unacceptable? You know, the worst. Kiddie stuff.

Yes, there are photos of child abuse and child exploitation on Facebook, and if you choose to see them, Facebook says they will remove these pictures immediately. But do Facebook remove them immediately? Or do their moderators leave, possibly because they have instructions to be wrong to encourage any kind of engagement? The BBC stepped forward to investigate, and reporters found and reported a number of images, and then sat back to see what came next. Usually (over 80% of the time) the reported images seemed to stay awake.

The BBC̵

7;s Angus Crawford confronted Facebook with this. Your website was used by pedophiles – or, as they are known overseas, by pedophiles – and why didn’t they do anything? The site’s policy director, Simon Milner, agreed to do an interview on the subject, but Crawford would first need to provide examples of the problem images to substantiate their claims. Crawford did it. And so Facebook submitted a report to the British National Crime Agency against the BBC. The reasons? BBC distributed pictures that exploit children.

Plus, these guys have a lot of bodies in the morgue.  Sickos, most of them.
PJL Laurens
“Plus, these guys have a lot of bodies in the morgue. Sickos, most of them.”

“It’s against the law for anyone to distribute pictures of child exploitation,” Facebook said in a statement, and when they were pushed further, they doubled, saying they were required by law to report the pictures by themselves Website … and that they asked for it. And oh yes, after Facebook received the photos and had the opportunity to call Scotland Yard, the interview was canceled, just in case there was a possibility that they were on the side of transparency. For what it’s worth, British police have not arrested Angus Crawford because the whole world is not crazy. Unfortunately, for our heroes who are telling the truth, it will get darker if this article continues …


Trump is said to have broken through blackmail Forbes With a false gay threesome

We are sorry to inform you that we will be talking about Donald Trump today. Trump is very proud of his finances, and sued it to the Supreme Court to keep it secret. Trump, who is unsure of how much money he has, is not a new mode that he switched to when he went into politics. As early as 1990, he claimed to be a billionaire, however Forbes glanced at his debts and concluded that he actually had a net worth of less than a billion and less than zero. They planned to do this in a cover story titled “Is Trump Broke?”

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