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5 Crazy True Crimes That Got Shadowed This Year


The CEO found his head sawed off

People who live in a $ 2 million luxury apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side are likely to feel perfectly safe in their own building. But let’s dispel the feeling of security you will ever have by telling you what the cameras in such a building recorded as of July 13th. One resident, 33-year-old tech CEO Fahim Saleh, gets into the elevator. He is joined by a man in a black suit, latex gloves and a black mask. Fahim uses his key fob to send the elevator straight to his own apartment, and the other man pushes a button too, but pretends to be. Fahim walks through the doors into his unit and the man follows him. The last picture of Fahim is the murderer who insults him.

The next day, Fahim̵

7;s cousin stopped by after hearing nothing from him and wanted to check in. She entered the apartment and this is your last chance to scroll from this story to something more enjoyable. She saw Fahim in the apartment – at least she saw his upper body. His arms and legs were cut off. So was his head. These body parts were in plastic bags. An electric saw had obviously cut it off from him; it was still plugged in and bloody.

Judging by the freshness of the cuts, the police suspect that the killer was in the apartment and chopped up the body when he heard the cousin arrive. So he fled through a back door, leaving her the most traumatic experience of her life as well as a close escape from murder. He had cursed Fahim the day before, stabbed him to death, and returned later to properly dispose of the body. Nobody knew who this costumed killer was, but it sounded like a professional killer. Maybe that had something to do with Fahim’s job. Fahim had spoken about the Nigerian government’s overregulation of his company – maybe this was international revenge?

Nigerian motorcycle apps are serious business.

It’s too early to be sure, but the police now think, no, it was the killer probably Instead, the man who bought this Elektro saw Fahim’s personal assistant, Tyrese Haspil, the morning after the murder. Tyrese had embezzled $ 90,000 from Fahim, police say, and when Fahim discovered this … he didn’t report him, just let him pay it back whenever he could because Fahim was an incredibly nice guy. Then Tyrese seems to have found an alternative to repaying the money. The police quickly arrested Tyrese but were unable to identify him from the security video alone because he was wearing a mask. Now you have two groups of people to fear in your everyday life. People who wear masks and people who don’t wear masks.

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