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5 common sayings that mean the opposite of what you think

Alternatively, "the luck of the Irish" could be a devious compliment, meaning that every success of Irish men and women must be due to happiness. For who could believe that these potato growers, whiskey drinkers, marshmallow muesli barley bastards could do anything on their own?

"Seamus began a rewarding career as an investment banker, must be the luck of the Irish, because these guys can not count to 20 without taking off their shoes."


"An anticipated conclusion" is something that already happened, not something that will

Mainly for things like climate change and celebrity breakups, a "foregone conclusion" is something that has to happen someday.

"My cousin Franklin is so funny, he's definitely going to become a famous stand-up, it's a foregone conclusion!"

What it actually means:

The term was coined by Shakespeare, a notorious inventor of word-things, and first used in Othello . In the play, Othello hears that Cassio has gotten dirty while sleeping about Othello's wife Desdemona. Instead of considering the ethical implications of believing the word of a man who listens to other men, Othello immediately decides that Cassio can not be laughed at Desdemona for nothing, because the two are already boned.

H. C. Selous "Look at the exposed wrist of your slut, she has committed a heavy jail!"

It is, as Othello says, a foregone conclusion – meaning something that has already happened. Something like the moon landing or the disco era or Kevin Spacey's non-direct-to-video career.

"My cousin Franklin is not a famous stallion – because he died of rubella. It is a foregone conclusion."


"The left hand, the does not know what the right hand is doing "should be a good thing

An organization whose" left hand does not know what the law is doing "is a poorly run business with multiple factions working against each other's interests without to remember it. In this way, companies sponsor youth football while using child labor from the Third World, or how the NFL promotes inner-city education while helping young men to hunt each other's heads.

"Justin Timberlake tried to wake up in his latest music video while his site sells T-shirts sewn exclusively by chubby Malay children with psoriasis – speech on the left hand without knowing what the right hand is doing!

What it actually means:

This time comes the phrase of Jesus himself who dropped this pearl of wisdom: "But if you do alms, then Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. "Even if it sounds like having fun with your non-dominant hand, it's really about doing charity rather than boasting about it ,

John Singleton Copley Therefore, he tries to hold every hand

Jesus commented on people taking selfies of themselves and giving money to homeless people. It's a bit unclear why he wants people to do charity only with his left hands, but we're not biblical scholars here.

"Justin Timberlake donated $ 1 million to the #MeToo campaign and then did not brag about social media Talk about the left hand without knowing what the right hand is doing." That's a good thing. "I do not know. why I apply a semi-sarcastic phrase to the situation now that I think about it. "19659004] Sometimes Stephan Roget often tweets about @StephanRoget but sometimes for weeks. Follow him there or here or not at all. Let us not tell you how to live your life.

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