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5 Classic Characters Almost any customization will go wrong

Half the internet says you’ve been wrong all your life. It’s not your fault that it is you, however – movies are in large part to blame as they only exist to lie to you (just like the other half of the internet).

Sometimes it’s entertaining lies – aliens, monsters, flying humans, justified billionaires, and the like. In other cases, however, you lie to films about the exact stories they are supposed to tell – and even change the characters beyond recognition. Since today we’re trying to be the better (and more annoying) part of the web, we’re going to show you what some of these characters are supposed to be.



7;s Monster is a French-speaking genius

Image of Frankenstein’s creature. Just peasy, right? Now imagine a Frankenstein creature that doesn’t look like Herman Munster. There’s not much to choose from – you might have thought of Robert De Niro in this movie where Kenneth Branagh’s Frankenstein breathes life into his creation with all the raw performance of its excessive shirtlessnessor Aaron Eckhart’s bizarrely hot monster in I, Frankenstein.

5 classic characters Almost every adaptation goes wrong - shirtless Aaron Eckhart in the movie I, Frankenstein

Just look at this terrible guy.

Modern Hollywoodities aside, the square head and neck screws from the 1930s version have become so iconic that when we hear the name “Frankenstein” they spring to mind. And this shuffling giant hardly ever speaks – sometimes for stupid reasons, like the time when studio managers thought Bela Lugosi’s accent was too funny and cut all of his lines (accidentally created the Frankenstein Walk in the process). Like the creature itself, its image in the collective imagination is made up of pieces of pop culture sewn together – and the resulting image is a raw, silent galoot.

Yes of course we use The young Frankenstein. You just don’t do that Not use The young Frankenstein if given the chance. The Big F Says a Few Words on the 1935 Scene Gene Hackman is happy to help send over here, but he speaks as someone who has just learned what words are. Now look at how Frankie’s encounter with the blind man plays out in Mary Shelley’s novel:

5 Classic Characters Almost every adaptation goes wrong - a passage from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein describing how the monster can speak French

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Try to guess which one the creature should be.

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