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5 chilling killers who ended in ridiculous turns of phrase


William Burke murdered victims for dissection; It was dissected and turned into a book

Many delightfully creepy stories from history concern those professionals known as the Resurrection People. Resurrection people, despite their name, did not attempt to bring corpses back to life. Instead, they worked to just get the bodies and introduce them to scientists for study (when the scientists then brought the bodies back to life, that was their business). The demand for bodies far exceeded supply as the law restricted dissection to a few specific types of undesirable people and the resurrection men turned to grave robbery. they did Not Usually turn to murder. Doctors just didn’t pay enough to make the effort worth it.

5 chilling killers who ended in ridiculous turns of phrase

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“10 pounds per body. We are not offering inheritance money here!”

The hotelier William Burke and his criminal partner William Hare initially had no intention of killing anyone. In fact, they had no plans to sell corpses. Then one of their hotel guests died leaving a huge bill. When the local church sent a man around to put the body in a coffin, Burke and Hare found they wanted to throw away a precious box of meat. They replaced the corpse with scrap wood when the coffin man was not looking and later sold it to an avid doctor in Edinburgh named Robert Knox. Soon another guest developed a fever and the hosts felt that this could be dangerous for the other customers. So Burke smothered the guy with a pillow and the two of them sold that body to Knox too.

They murdered another sick guest in a similar fashion, and the process turned out to be so simple and lucrative that they switched from the occasional killing of a guest to luring victims off the street. Their usual method was to invite a woman to whiskey, to drink her to the point of incapacity, and then to choke her to death. Burke sometimes made a point of undressing the victim before selling the body so that he could give his wife her clothes. One of the more disturbing murders, Hare later said, was killing a drunk grandmother, then putting her young mute grandson in the same room and killing him in front of her corpse without giving him the courtesy to get him drunk first. Dr. Robert Knox sometimes commented on how surprisingly fresh the bodies they brought him were, but he didn’t ask uncomfortable questions.

Robert Seymour
The wrong questions and Burke would sell him next.

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