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5 Bonkers Marvel and DC Comics that almost happened

A lot of comic book concepts would sound like a total sucker to us if they weren’t already famous, like “little Canadian with knives coming out of his hands” or “traumatized billionaire dressed like a bat” or “mutant ninja in.” Teenage turtles. “

So, who knows, maybe there is an alternate timeline where we got totally used to all the crazy crap that Marvel and DC almost released but never did like …


Stan Lee’s Adventures of Satan

Marvel Studios’ Helstrom, there would be no new show coming to Hulu if Stan Lee hadn’t woken up one day in the 70s and said, “Hey, let̵

7;s do a comic about Satan.” Looking back, he tried to tell us that he was a satanist all along …

It all started when Lee was looking at horror comic book sales like Dracula’s tomb and Werewolf at night and his eyeballs were replaced with dollar signs, so he started looking for other creepy characters that kids could dig out of the 70s. And since they already had a guy who looked like Frankenstein’s monster but was more swollen, the logical answer was … Satan. Like right Satan. Not “Mister Satanic” or “Lord Flameyhorns” or anything like that. The real devil from the Bible.

Lee even had a name for the comic: Satan’s mark. This “mind numbing” new series was actually advertised in the first issue of Ghost driver. However, it is unclear what the story would have been about. Should Satan have his own superhero costume and themed vehicle? Would he have sued Daredevil for copyright infringement?

Advert for Marvel's Mark Of Satan comic

Marvel Comics
Hope this guy knows a good lawyer.

Marvel’s editor-in-chief Roy Thomas didn’t like the idea because it was insane, so he convinced Lee to water it down by making the main character be the fruit of Satan’s loins instead of Satan himself. The result Son of satan The series was controversial enough that a comic strip about his old man could have ruined Marvel. Heck, the character is still controversial todayConsidering Disney removed the mandatory Marvel logo from the show’s title screen and changed the character’s name from Hellstrom to Helstrom, it sounds more like the heir to a department store fortune.


Alan Moore threw a DC crossover with super hookers and incest

Alan Moore is a powerful anti-establishment wizard who also happens to write some of the most popular mainstream comics of all time. Today, a significant part of its production consists of verbal abuse about how modern comics have been ruined by commerce. So it’s kind of fun to read his detailed pitch for a DC crossover event, including the suggested slogans for posting t-shirts and posters. To be fair, 1) he wrote this about 30 crossovers ago in the mid-80s, and 2) it’s still one of the most messed up things he wrote.

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