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5 bodybuilders who tried to look like Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger, also known as the Austrian Oak, is unanimously considered the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

Arnold is one of the few people who manage to define their sport. Like Michael Jordan and basketball; or Pelé and football.

Modern bodybuilding is a far cry from what it was in Arnold’s day – the famous golden era. To see what bodybuilders looked like 50 years ago, take a look at this Article from Inside Bodybuilding.

Surprisingly, Arnold̵

7;s body was out of fashion for a long time, when it was not large or torn enough. .

This is how bodybuilding developed (arguably for the worse) in the 90s, with Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman focusing more on aesthetics than aesthetics. Over the decades, this look only resulted in more people admiring Arnold’s classic body.

Fashion comes and goes, and many in the bodybuilding community thought that the mass monsters of modernity would at some point be replaced by the more aesthetic bodies of the 1970s. So far this has not happened. 2019 winner Brandon Curry has an incredible physique but is certainly more mass focused than Arnold’s body.

However, things can slowly change. Here are five bodybuilders who tried to look like Arnold.

Bodybuilder # 1: Calum Von Moger


This Australian bodybuilder definitely reminds us of a young Arnold, especially the jaw line! In fact, Calum Arnold played in the movie “Bigger”. He was the first bodybuilder to model for Gucci and played in Generation Iron II.

That career definitely reminds us of Arnold, although thanks to Mr. Olympia’s assessment, Calum is unlikely to mimic the same success as Arnold, which has helped cement his legacy.

The fact is, if you want someone who gets as close to Arnold as possible, Calum Von Moger is your man. We look forward to seeing how his career develops.

Bodybuilder # 2: Anton Ryskin

Anton Ryskin, nicknamed Russia’s Arnold, really looks like The Oak. He’s even grown his hair out to look like Arnold. He also wears similar clothing so it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two at times!

Physically, Ryskin is huge. He clearly chose Arnold’s physique. While his upper back could use some work, his arms and legs are remarkably similar.

Check out this YouTube video to see what we mean.


While Von Moger has a physique (and jawline) closer to Arnold, Ryskin has put more work into mimicking his idol. His haircut, the clothes he wears, and his poses are remarkably similar. An excellent Arnold-like bodybuilder.

Bodybuilder # 3: Muhammed Ibrahimov

Muhammad had to be on this list because he is so often compared to Arnold. However, he’s probably the weakest candidate on this list. Not physically weak, but his features look the least like Arnold.

He is a Chechen bodybuilder who lives in Russia. There are definitely similarities, his hairstyle is identical to start with! His posing routine is also very similar to Arnold’s.

As strange as it sounds, he looks most like Arnie when he’s wearing clothes. Check out this video of him posing near the Arnold Schwarzenegger statue in 2014.


This guy has an excellent physique and looks very similar to Arnold in certain pictures and videos.

Bodybuilder # 4: Joel Kellet

If Von Moger is the closest looking Arnold clone and Ryskin has the style, Kellet has Arnold’s physique. Not quite. His arms are a little smaller and his chest is proportionally larger, but other than that, it’s scary.

Check out this comparison video.


The waist-to-chest ratio is almost identical. A huge chest and tiny waist help Kellet really stand out from the other Arnold lookalikes. This is the area in which Kellet Von Moger really excels.

One area he could work on would be his triceps. If you compare his arm size to Arnie’s, you can see that the biceps are a bit smaller but decent enough. However, the actual circumference of the arm is much smaller. This can only be due to a smaller triceps.

Not that Kellet’s triceps are small, just that they’re not on Arnold’s level.

Bodybuilder # 5: Onome Egger

The last bodybuilder on our list is half Austrian / half Nigerian bodybuilder Onome Egger.

That’s right, he actually comes from a small Austrian village. You can’t get more Schwarzenegger!

Onome has an incredible physique with incredible arms and shoulders. His abs may even be better than Arnold’s. He doesn’t quite have the chest-to-waist ratio that Arnold does, but his legs are just as impressive.


Check out his Instagram account to see what we mean. Onome claims to be a natural bodybuilder, which means he is even better developed than Arnold before he started taking “supplements.”

Honorable Mention: Wesley Vissers

Although these are the top five bodybuilders who’ve tried to look like Arnold; there really is a sixth that deserves at least a mention. While Wesley Vissers has stated outright that he doesn’t train to look like Arnold, there is certainly a similarity.


Vissers is amazingly built, his legs are amazing and his biceps can rival those of the oak itself. There is little resemblance in the face, although both men have correct jaw lines. Visser makes a decent impression of Arnold when posing, but we’re not sure whether this is intentional or not.

Final thoughts

The bodybuilders that we mentioned in this article are all excellent examples of men who were inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’re also fantastic examples of the type of physique you can sculpt – if your focus is on aesthetics rather than size.

In the 1970s, bodybuilding wasn’t just a sporting event – it was an art. It’s hard to argue that modern bodybuilding is a step away from art, but with young men like this one, bodybuilding could finally get back to its roots.

But what do you think Let us know in the comments section who you think best sums up Arnold of these six bodybuilders. Or tell us if we missed anyone. Do you think trying to find an Arnold clone is a worthwhile endeavor, or should these men focus on finding their own way?

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