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5 Bizarro Marvel TV shows that almost happened


Marvel’s original
Transformer Pitch: Muffy The Talking VW

In the 1980s, Hasbro had the rights to a number of transforming toys from Japan, but had no idea how to sell them. They turned to Marvel to create a back story for these robots, and Marvel came up with … Muffy (short for Muffler), a bizarre-speaking Volkswagen hanging out with three human children and their dog.

Yes, before opting for Optimus Prime and the gang, Marvel tried a more Hanna-Barbera-style approach to the franchise. It is unclear how Muffy came to the people. Is he from space like the Transformers? A normal car that was struck by lightning? A mutated family member? Did the father put it drunk in an exhaust pipe one night and then it happened? We may never know the exact details.

The above images were published by Marvel in 1

985 (after that Transformer had debuted) to tease a show called Car and cableSo it was believed for decades that they simply tried to pull one GoBots and tear down their friends in Hasbro. In 2020, however, a new conceptual art emerged that shows how Muffy is threatened by one of the Japanese toys in which it is ultimately used Transformer. Which makes sense because let’s face it, these characters are ugly as hell (even before Michael Bay got involved).

Uh, what part of the anatomy should this attachment be under Muffy?Marvel comics about consumer collectiblesUh, what part of the anatomy should this attachment be under Muffy?

In other words, Optimus Prime could have ended up as a disposable villain in a silly cartoon … well, more stupid than “old alien robots choose to look like 80s cars anyway”. Fortunately, Hasbro agreed to another proposal, while Marvel believed in the idea so much that they apparently tried to put it into practice a few years later. Of course, much is just speculation. We only know that Michael Bay would definitely have found a way to make it racist.

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