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5 bizarrely different early versions of beloved films


The original idea for Star Trek: Generations Kirk and his crew had time travel and sacrificed themselves to save the TNG crew

In the original version of Star Trek: GenerationsThe action begins when the Kirk-era Enterprise is suddenly ripped out of a wormhole next to Picard’s Enterprise. Immediately Picard’s Enterprise changes: it is now a warship and Picard is a military commander. Nobody except Guinan realizes what happened (thanks to the magic of Whoopi Goldberg). Picard then meets Kirk and we find out that the Federation was at war with the Klingons in this timeline. That’s the setup, and most of the storyline is Guinan trying to convince Picard that reality has changed. The Enterprise wasn̵

7;t previously a warship (unless the Earl Gray settings on the replicator broke) and they have to send back the Kirk-era Enterprise to restore the timeline. Of course, this is a completely different movie from Generations – a movie that is creatively forced to include a Riding assembly.

When you have read the above and realized the plot of the TNG Follow “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, you are absolutely right. The TNG team originally wanted to use this act for Generations, but season 3 of TNG was a total mess (so, you know how today Star Trek), and they were so behind schedule that they had to take any Stories that worked and turned them into episodes … this one included. If Season 3 hadn’t set the phasers on “dumpster fire”, they would have left that idea alone.

If you haven’t seen the episode, you are I am probably wondering how things end up. In short, Picard would have told Kirk the Federation was losing the war and one more ship would make no difference, but if the original Enterprise returns it could reset the timeline and prevent the war (Guinan, who knows, Both Kirk and Picard are probably helping on the way.) Kirk, cooperative and unwilling to be in the spotlight as always, agrees with Picard and brings his Enterprise back to the wormhole to restore it to its original time.By the way, everyone on board kills too.

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Kirk survived space syphilis with his toupee and four stocks of space syphilis.

So this is Kirk and his crew’s introduction to Picard and that TNG Crew, and this is how Kirk and his crew die: they willingly die TNG Crew can live. It’s hard to imagine a plot that is more meta.

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