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5 Bizarre Stupid Things Citizens Made Citizens Do by Citizens During Wars


To save everyone money, the US banned sliced ​​bread

During World War II, everyone lived under restrictions due to very real material shortages. They also suffered some outrage due to completely imaginary problems. Flour became expensive and the government feared what would happen if bakers raised the price of bread. But wait, said a brave government official. What if we stopped all bakers? To cut Loaf? You wouldn’t have to pay for bread cutters and would pass the savings on to everyone!

This logic made little sense with uncut pizza this one episode of breaking Bad, and it made even less with bread in real life and when you are not high. At the very least, pizza is reasonably easy to cut or tear apart by hand if you’re too impatient. Have you ever tried to cut an uncut bread? Even a knife designed specifically for slicing bread is only used to straighten it. Over a million Americans died or were wounded in World War II. A fair percentage of these were certainly homeowners who cut themselves after being forced to cut their own bread.

5 bizarre stupid things the citizens made the citizens do during the wars |  Bread cutter from the Second World War

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It’s a lot easier when you own a bread slicer. Like baker.

When the government was so concerned that bread could get expensive, they always had the option of making their own cheap bread, setting price caps on bread, or subsidizing bread. All of this could be viewed as insidious market intervention under certain circumstances, but all of them were less stupidly authoritarian than the bread-cutting ban, which some historians today call one of the greatest atrocities of the war.

Incidentally, the ban did not lead to a reduction in bread prices. But it has reduced bread sales. In March 1943 the government got rid of it. And so people regained access to the greatest, the sliced ​​bread. That is why we now call them the greatest generation.

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