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5 bizarre coronavirus conspiracy theories

The coronavirus message cycle runs 24 hours a day, 8 days a week. Every website, every channel, every newspaper with data, graphics and projections. It is overwhelming and exhausting. While this constant flow of pandemic-focused information only causes stress while we wait for the infection curves to fall. However, some websites go in a different, less science-based direction.

You don't have to look beyond Facebook to find conspiracy theories that indicate that science and data are wrong. Here are five of the most bizarre unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

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Wuhan Lab Bioweapon

A senator tweeted this theory in January. This only shows that the perception of public offices no longer tends to make people check facts or research what they share on social media. The theory says that a laboratory in Wuhan with a lax security protocol released the coronavirus either from an infected laboratory technician or as a biological weapon against the United States. ( x )

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Bill Gates wants in all implanted tracking devices

The Microsoft mogul has the potential of technology to track and contain coronavirus outbreaks expressed. Given Bill Gates' dedicated work to help the less fortunate in the world, such as the establishment of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, it would be a real shock if everything was just a trick to help him build world domination. The bogus theory suggests that Gates wants the COVID-19 vaccine to contain a microchip that can track, monitor, and control recipients. ( x )

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5G cell towers have generated the virus

There is impressive logical gymnastics to the 5G technology of wireless communication with a highly transferable Connect virus. One theory says that the 5G towers help the virus move along the radio frequency. Another says there is no coronavirus and 5G technology causes illness and death. A third says that 5G destroys the immune system and makes people more susceptible to the virus.

The fact that all of these theories are insane has not stopped people around the world from destroying 5G towers to save their communities from the pandemic. So much effort. You could save lives simply by staying at home and banging Netflix. ( x )

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A worldwide elite corona virus that ushers in a new world order.

The new world order comes from the Book of Revelation, a description the end days when a single political, economic and religious body rules the world. The corona virus is not the first time that conspiracy theorists believed the prediction would come true. After the TSA introduced security at airports after September 11, some believed that the act of terrorism was an inside job of the global elites. Anyone who pays attention to the news can say that this chaos does not create a global elite. ( x )

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Trump uses the corona virus to save children from devil worshipers

This theory could have hovered in the basement of the Internet. However, everyone scrolls more hours at home so that they end up on the real Internet. The theory says that the corona virus is a wall of smoke that allows Trump to raid satanic baby-eating cults to save children. The theory came from the 4chan Message Board, QAnon, before distilling on Facebook and Twitter.

Oprah tended to tweet when people retweeted reports of her trafficking arrest. Oprah released a statement saying that she was "disinfectant and distant" at home. ( x )

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