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5 beloved main characters who are actually trash


Ariel out The little mermaid

We all watched The little mermaid at least once in our lives and cheered when Ursula was cruelly murdered on the screen (!) and Ariel got her happy ending.

But think about what she really did to her family when she ran away to marry Prince Eric (a man she is) Do not know) the legacy of a kingdom with an apparently booming seafood-based economy.

Remember, Ariel can talk to fish. Your best friend and loyal buddy is actually a kind of trout. Everyone in the ocean knows how carnivorous and needlessly violent people are; I assume that this is why the Merpeople tried to hide their existence from humans for so long. With that in mind, it’s safe to believe that she knowingly plunged into the arms of a man whose family served her a couple of her followers for dinner on her wedding night. Even for a teenage princess who’s got it all since remembering (which is another reason she shouldn’t have left?), It’s a shockingly selfish move.

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That too is a member of the royal family. You know Sea TMZ (TMSea?) Will give Triton hell over this shit.

Also, Why didn’t she write everything down for Eric? Ursula took away your ability to speak, not your ability to write, stupid.


Annie out Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle is a difficult movie to describe because it doesn’t make any sense. Tom Hanks wife dies of cancer and leaves him to raise his child alone. But instead of taking the time to mourn for his mother, the child goes looking for a new wife for his father. He forces his dad to go on the radio to talk about the need for a new wife (like kids?), But Tom Hanks just spends the time talking about how amazing his dead wife was and how much he missed her what is understandable he’s still mourning.

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