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5 artists who thought their legendary films were disasters


Paul Verhoeven thought about it RoboCop Would be “stupid garbage” and “American nonsense”

Paul Verhoeven was on the beach with his wife Martine when he read this RoboCop Script that turned out to be happy in an unexpected way. He read 20 or 30 pages before throwing it away in disgust and calling it “stupid junk” and “American nonsense”. It seems like an unusual thing for the future Total recall and Starship Troopers help say, however that’s exactly how he described it. You see, in Holland he was used to making different types of films ̵

1; down-to-earth, realistic, not science fiction.

“Open your mind, Paul. Start production. Save movies.”

Anyway, to get back to that beach – Verhoeven had stormed into the sea, probably left scattered pages of American trash around his deck chair, and had swum for a long time. When he came back an hour or two later his wife told him she had read it while he was away and he was wrong.

Verhoeven then read the script carefully over the next few weeks and realized that there was something there to work with. In particular, he changed his mind after reading the scene where RoboCop returns to his house, has flashbacks on his life with his family, and finds out that he used to be called Murphy.

That convinced him that the film has exciting points to offer “from a theological point of view” – in other words, apparently That made him think that RoboCop could be an allegory for Jesus. The ability to add that angle is really the only reason Verhoeven chose to do it RoboCop.

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