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5 actors who got into character in the stupidest possible way

Does his portrayal of Woodcock benefit so much from countless attempts to pull a gusset? No, definitely not.


To the User pictureSam Worthington was walking around with nothing but a jockstrap, a wig, and a bow and arrow

Before they started shooting User picture, James Cameron took the lead on a camping trip in a Hawaiian forest. It should be a way to get to know the actors better, hear James Cameron’s ideas about Pandora and the Na’vi, and get used to living in nature (even if it was just normal old earth nature, not Pandora). Sigourney Weaver saw how to act like a xenobotanist in this field and found it “invaluable”

;. Zoe Saldana learned things like how close to the ground when running and the difficulty of making a fire in the rain, and called it “the best kind of research Jim could have done for us”. Sam Worthington … had a different experience.

He disappeared deep into his character. He was running through the woods with a jockstrap and wearing a wig on his head (just to make the whole effect more ridiculous, it was pasty white at the time). He also carried a bow and arrow, which he presumably did to bring himself into character, but the whole thing probably made him look like he’d left a very cheap Tarzan LARP and got lost.

20th Century Fox
At least he wasn’t hopping a branch between his legs to simulate kite riding.

At one point he ran into a path where a man was running his poodle, and for some reason Worthington drew a bow and arrow at the poodle. James Cameron later described Worthington as “instinctive” as he drew a bow and arrow and aimed at the poodle. We decide to describe it as “idiotic”. In any case, the man who walked the poodle asked Worthington, “What are you doing?” and Worthington said, “We’re making a movie, buddy!” I guess I then had to explain that it wasn’t a snuff film.

Above: 20th century studios

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