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5 Absolutely Bonkers problems on set, the films almost derailed


Stuart Little Had to stop filming because a cat’s asshole fell out

As the entry title suggests, a cat’s asshole can actually fall out. It’s called rectal prolapse (well, a producer on the film called it “protruding asshole”), and it apparently happens when cats stress the shit. ONE Part of the rectum falls through the anusand a cylinder-like mass hangs from the cat’s back like a furry little Play-Doh squeezer. Anyway, the condition is very treatable and the kitten should recover, but

Which is exactly what happened one day on Stuart Little to adjust. They had to shoot a scene with the cat, the cat’s asshole fell out and no other cat actors were available that day. So they had to close the store and start over the next day (presumably with a healthy cat) which meant thousands of dollars were lost to feline rectal disease.

Sony pictures
Here is the front of a cat instead of a prolonged anus. We doubt there will be any complaints.

However, the entire experience of working with cats is extremely difficult on movie sets because they are cats and this problem increases exponentially when multiple cats interact with each other Stuart Little did. They had eight cats that were played by 23 different cat actors to be precise. Which honestly means that having only one protruding asshole for the entire shoot is remarkable.


A warehouse of World War Z The production was raided by a Hungarian anti-terrorist unit

It is seldom known that film sets are considered terrorist havens, but the Hungarian authorities were not convinced that they were World War Z. You see, while the film was being shot in Hungary, a shipment of rifles was being delivered to a warehouse at a Budapest airport. But it was just a movie that got a couple of propeller guns, right? Nothing for the authorities to look at? Apparently not. It turned out to be 100% real, working rifles that are incredibly illegal to transport into the country. That led to the Hungarian anti-terrorist unit raid the warehouse and confiscate all weapons.

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They should also have confiscated Brad Pitt’s scarf.

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