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4 WTF Stories from the Beginnings of the Internet


The first version of Gmail was a Garfield-themed email provider

According to the Internet, Garfield is tired of hacking junk that is only for good endless remixes … and the nightmares that follow these remixes like a cannibal serial killer chasing a naive college student.

We think that’s a little unfair. It may not be the funniest or most ridiculous cartoon ever made (that would be “Loss”

;), but it gave us the Dog Sperm Cartoon, a Badass Animated Series, the Dog Sperm Cartoon, and of course, Gmail.

Even the dog cum cartoon.

In the 1990s, the Internet was a barely-there collection of forums, hobby sites, and shock sites. There were only a few brands – unlike today, where it’s impossible to drive a full seven seconds without a brand having its slogan disgusting on your … ARBY’S: WE HAVE THE MEAT – eyeballs.

One of the first entertainment brands to hit the net was Garfield in 1996, with a website where fans could find old and current comics, a collection of bulletin boards, and even a blog from comic book creator Jim Davis. It was pretty good in every way, but something was missing … a certain I didn’t know what that the real Diehards would kill for it. It took Davis two years and a lasagna tray of peyote, but he eventually found out.

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