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4 surprising celebrity side projects that went under the radar


Billy Zabka (the Cobra Kai Guy) Produced a metadocumentary about aid to Uganda

Between Billy Zabka’s 80s film bullying heyday and his Cobra Kai Resurgence, he was busy making music videos and documentaries. A document that he edited and produced is Whiteor “white wanderer” in Swahili, about four college kids from the west who come to Uganda to try to make things better.

Come on let’s dance
Did you migrate in from an old navy in 2003?

Ultimately, the children will simply be defeated. But This is not how the film ends. In a meta-twist, it turns out that the actual subject of the film is its director Shane Gilbert, who eventually drops her original idea for the film and settles in Uganda. you founds a non-profit organization, eventually opening orphanages, taxi services, micro-businesses and helping Ugandans start their own businesses. This enables hundreds of college kids to come to Uganda and make a difference. Basically it is Opposite of Kony 2012 style slacktivism.

What does Zabka think about it? For him it is a “touching documentary” about the meeting of American and African cultures and about what we have to learn from each other. He points out that billions of dollars in aid have been given over the past few decades, and basically none of it has reached the people it was meant to help. Zabka believes the film is an excellent example of how Westerners can actually help developing countries if they really use aid money wisely – like Gilbert.

All of this is pretty surprising from a guy whose TV character runs a dojo with a huge American flag on the wall and his students shouting “Don’t be a pussy!” Inspired.

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