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4 silly moments in military history (caused by racism)


The British lost the Battle of Hong Kong because of racist stereotypes

On December 7, 1941, Imperial Japan launched a series of devastating surprise attacks on Singapore, the Philippines, Guam, Hong Kong and of course Hawaii – resulting in countless deaths, the US entering World War II and later six nominations at the 2001 Golden Raspberry Awards.

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Never forget.

Before long, angry faces were asking the same question everywhere: “How did no one see these attacks coming?”

The US responded to this question by turning off the lights and pretending not to be home. any reason. The British, who were about to lose Singapore, Malaya and Hong Kong – at least insofar as they could “lose” something that never belonged to them – replied with diplomatic tact: blah blah fog of war blah blah superior numbers blah blah got out of a certain one Basic called “surprise” attack, you plebeian.

Besides, they obviously wouldn’t mention that real Reason for their defeat: that they were too busy spreading racist propaganda to do their job properly.

In 1941 Hong Kong was defended by a garrison made up of troops from Great Britain and India. As the threat of invasion grew, it was them amplified quickly from a group of at attention soldiers from Canada – who received a welcome gift from the British in the form of an intelligence report saying they don’t have to worry about the Japanese because, and we quote::

“”[They] are poorly trained, poorly equipped and physiologically incapable of fighting. They are buck-toothed, oblique-eyed, myopic, skinny little people. Their slanted eyes make them poor night hunters and prone to seasickness. Most of them have to wear thick prescription glasses. Since their diet consists mainly of rice and fish, they are weak from malnutrition and their stamina is poor. There are only 5,000 Japanese on the mainland, so don’t worry. And besides, they don’t even look like soldiers. In their ill-fitting, faecal-colored uniforms, long leggings up to their knees and rubber boots. “

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“However, ignore how we conquered a quarter of the planet dressed like this.”

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