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4 reasons why college athletes now need to be paid


Logging out becomes difficult

They have already set up professional sports (the sports where athletes actually receive part of their earnings) like the NFL so that players can end the season without major penalties. Sure, soccer players aren’t paid nearly as much as if they played, but they’ll still have a season that should better prepare them for negotiating future contracts. Otherwise, they could be wrongly punished for another year and somewhat crappier hit stick abilities.

It’s a decent compromise, but it won’t be available in the same way for university athletes. When their college reopens, student athletes who sign out lose a valuable (albeit unpaid) year in which they are young and talented. Even worse, students who do not attend the SEC, Pac-1

2, or Big Ten conferences are still technically at risk of losing their scholarships.

Now the NCAA has expanded its rules so that every season lost to COVID is not one of the typical rules for eligibility for university athletes. That said, athletes can only play four college seasons within five years. But if a player decides to sign out, they will likely be left behind as seniors may stay behind and a new group of newcomers will form the team. Taking a year off could mean losing your place if the man behind you shows yourself on the depth map or your stubborn trainer decides to teach you a valuable lesson about dying for your university.

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“If you are fit enough to scream on the floor, you are fit enough to return a barge.”

In addition, most grants are awarded from year to year, which means that your trainer has the right to arbitrarily decide after a year that you suck so as not to die. You can simply cancel your scholarship to make room for someone else.

Imagine you are a 19-year-old child who weighs the pros and cons of endangering yourself – and the whole family at home – and knows that even the best scenarios are unlikely to result in you actually making money for years to earn. And yes, the worst scenario is death for yourself and / or those you love.


If a college athlete catches COVID, they have to pay the medical bills themselves

So it is likely that the majority of college athletes will choose to take some of the risk because, to be honest, any sport is a risk. Ask the idiots that Quidditch will wipe out. The good news is that the NCAA is planning several preventive measures to take care of the players. The first step would probably be at least insurance in case an athlete catches something like COVID, right? Ha. No.

And we’re not even talking about players who catch it on the field.

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