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4 of the strangest casinos in the United States

For most of us, a trip to the casino to play, eat, drink and have fun is a luxury vacation. There are numerous beautiful and stylish resorts across the country that make a casino vacation unforgettable. Vegas is of course the original Sin City.

Get Weird

Although we are in the United States, not all casinos are the same. Some of these unusual locations have put themselves on the map because of their strange events or creepy events.

The United States is not the only one where strange games take place. Canada is not far behind when it comes to weird places for casinos. In fact, there are some very unique and exciting casinos around the world that are just asking to be explored.

Real casino enthusiasts sometimes need a little more. A unique casino experience is appropriate for these connoisseurs. Fortunately, there are some really bizarre casinos in the U.S. just waiting to be explored. From strange places, haunted places to unlikely places ̵

1; these goals should be on every casino bucket list.

Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada

Gather around the campfire and keep your flashlight handy because this casino is a real ghost story.

Today's Bally & # 39; s Casino in Paradise, Nevada, was once the MGM Grand Hotel. However, in November 1980, there was a terrible fire that killed 85 people, mostly from inhaling smoke, and destroyed most of the building.

The new structure, Bally’s Casino, actually contained the old MGM tower where the fire happened and there were many unexplained stories. Over the decades, many people have claimed to have seen ghosts, ghosts or inexplicable movements of objects around the establishment, and it is still a place of creepy events to this day.

The disaster remains one of the deadliest in Nevada's history, and many believe that the new casino in the same location will be haunted by those who died in the fire. The place has gained a widespread reputation for creepy riots and urban legends only feed the flames.

If you want to test fate, maybe try a trip to the haunted casino. It could be a game of chance …

The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois

The Rivers Casino wins Best Country Gap Casino. The Illinois law states that every gaming facility within the state must operate with water. Most casino owners have understood that they should do business on local river boats … but not on rivers.

Rivers Casino has been the only casino in the United States since 2011 to be built on a puddle. It may not be the best marketing strategy in the world to attract the crowd, but surprisingly, that's exactly what it does.

The entire building was built on very shallow water to circumvent the law. Now they are legal and have a stupid history. Despite the swampy foundation, their location is actually pretty good. Minutes from downtown Chicago and O & # 39; Hare Airport, Rivers Casino offers 50 classic gaming tables and over 1,000 slot machines.

Hopefully the floors are well built so you don't get your feet wet.

Talk about a technique…

X-Train in Las Vegas, Nevada

A rail casino? What will you think of next?

If you don't want to waste your time while traveling to Sin City, you can always try your luck on the go! The X-Train is the first of its kind and offers countless gaming tables, slot machines and a sports bar to keep you entertained on the 5.5-hour journey.

X-Train becomes a casino millionaire [19659003] The X-Train was launched in 2011 and operates between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It offers gaming tables for those who can't wait to get to Vegas or for those who come back and try to make up for their losses.

Despite being in a confined space, the Train-Turned-Casino is surprisingly well equipped with a classic casino ambience that puts you in the mood on the way to reality. This is the perfect trip for a real casino enthusiast.

Imperial Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Another haunted hotel makes the list with the creepy casino of Cripple Creek, Colorado, a city it is supposed to be The most frequented city in Colorado.

The Imperial Hotel may be creepier for casino owners than for gamers, as city stories tell of obsessed slot machines that come alive at night and spill their coins unattended! Really, there is no more scary event for a casino owner.

But animated slot machines aren't the only horror story here. Many patrons claim that the house is haunted by its former owner and triggers stories about the spirit that wanders through the halls every night.

With a dark forest area, lively slot machines and frequent ghost sightings, playing at the Imperial Hotel is not a problem for the faint-hearted.

Where to next?

Only time will tell if there are more crazy casinos everywhere. So gaming lovers, get out there! You can expect bizarre experiences.

Do you want to tell your strange story? Tell us about it and it could be seen on Oddee. You can remain completely anonymous.

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