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4 Incredibly stupid early Trump military stories


This time he offered to negotiate a peace treaty with the USSR

Ahead of the last election, Donald Trump promised that his election would use his impressive deal-handling skills that he had developed over decades in the real estate (and bankruptcy court) world to get our political system up and running once again. No more disabilities, no more filibustering, no more parties about the country, only good-natured negotiations, compromises and progress.

To be fair, it̵

7;s not the first time he’s made to look like a fool by outperforming his dealmaking skills.

In the 1980s, when the world was staring at the dark glowing asshole of nuclear war, he began to say in press conferences that he and only he could negotiate the United States with the USSR out of this mess. so much so that he described the current negotiating team as “without a smile, without warmth” and without “ability to go into a room and sell a deal” […] You are not a seller in a positive sense. “

Of course there is a steep learning curve between negotiating real estate contracts and negotiating arms reduction deals, but let’s not forget: The stuff is super simple, brother. “It is something someone who knows how to negotiate should do and not the kind of representative I have seen in the past […] It would take an hour and a half to learn everything about rockets […] I think I know most of it anyway. “

At face value, it’s easy to write this off as nothing more than bravery. Of course he will talk about the negotiating team because there is no chance that he will ever get near the negotiating table. Well, three years later, he was still talking about the subject to the point where (in his opinion) “nothing is as important” as his big plan … which he spoke to people about in an act in Act 3 “at a very high level” in the government.

He is the one on the right.National archivesHe is the one on the right.

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