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4 Fraud that is older than you think


William Shakespeare was a devilish douche

We have seen a lot of news about price cuts lately. It’s a despicable practice where retailers treat essentials like Funko Pops in limited editions and raise mineral water, canned food, and face mask prices, knowing that desperate consumers will be forced to pay the money. You might assume that this is just a matter of modern capitalism, and in the old days merchants might tend to rate things a little fairer – to avoid being stabbed in the beanbag by a sack of beans. However, you would be wrong.

According to a group of researchers, price erosion was not just a thing that old retailers did all the time, but one of the most notorious practitioners was none other than William Shakespeare. When he wasn̵

7;t playing classical pieces, Willie Shakesdown was doubly committed as a landlord and moneylender. With the considerable profits he made from these activities, Shakespeare would buy up huge stocks of grain, malt, and barley – which he would sell at inflated prices to traders and his neighbors, the proceeds of which would then flow back into his money – lending business.

A rose with a different name still costs me 20% more than down the street.John Taylor“A rose with a different name still costs me 20% more than down the street.”

Eventually, the finance officials caught up with him like a pantaloon al capone for tax evasion. Shakespeare was also prosecuted by local authorities in 1598 for hoarding grain in times of scarcity because we forgot to mention this part? At the time he was kidding his neighbors, England was suffering from climate change, which resulted in crop failing and food shortages – meaning that he was not just a tail, but a tail that passed over his admonished neighbors the pain of death from hunger.


Current celebrity pseudoscientists have nothing about “Madam Rachel”

We won’t pretend for a second that the past isn’t full of people selling pseudo-science bullshit everywhere, from newspaper ads to street corners. After all, there is a reason why the term “snake oil” exists. In recent years, however, we’ve seen the rise of a new type of Grifter: the prominent pseudo-science Grifter who believes in the power of holistic medicine and diet teas, almost so much that he doesn’t believe in science and regulatory agencies, a trend Best illustrated by people like Dr. Oz, Oprah or Gwenyth Paltrow and Alex Jones, a duo that, as we have already noted, makes for strange bedfellows. As far as we know, Alex Jones does not yet have to insert a jade egg into his urethra.

Frankly, it's so hard to say.InfowarsFrankly, it’s so hard to say.

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