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4 film characters who were very angry about the wrong topics


The Avengers are shocked that a defense organization is building weapons

in the The avengersTony and Steve rummage around in the helicopter career and find that something weird is going on. It turns out that SHIELD uses the Tesseract to … research weapons. Our heroes are outraged to learn that this defense organization called “Home”, which employs a group of soldiers and has a fully equipped armory and fighter jets, … weapons. Remember, the Avengers have no idea that Hydra has a finger in SHIELD at this point. For them, it’s a pro-America organization that defends good guys, what’s right, an agency that some of them are currently working or fighting for, and they are shocked to learn that this group is making … WEAPONS.

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“Wait, you mean that is not a pacifist bird watching club? “

Thor, who throws down a gigajoule with every hammer-struck lightning born of a star, believes that humans have evolved. Tony is crazy too. Of course, Tony recently stopped selling arms to the government for fear that they might end up in the hands of terrorists (and refuses to give the government Iron Man technology because it’s his), but this is the first Time we believe he believes in defense Agencies shouldn’t have a weapon period. This film ends up throwing a rocket into space out of necessity, but I don’t think there was one Iron Man IV: The Search for Peace by liberating all governments from their nuclear weapons.

Also express disapproval: Steve. We see Steve disapproving of many things during the series, almost always with good reason. in the The winter soldierFor example, he frowns when he learns that SHIELD is building kill satellites, but that’s because he refuses to attack everyone and take preventive attacks. Does he agree that military branches shouldn’t make weapons at all? Hopefully not, since he is a soldier himself. He even personally witnessed what Tesseract weapons can do, and it turns out they are very strong for firearms, but not nearly as strong as the bigger things his own military used in World War II. In fact, Tesseract weapons aren’t even the last threat in his film. That would be some unconnected random nuclear weapons.

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As Chekhov famously wrote, “Always add a random nuke during the climax; no setup is required.”

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