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4 Disturbing Ways Trump repeats history


Internment camps existed in America during the Second World War

Hopefully you know that between 1942 and 1946, due to racist paranoia across the country, about 120,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned in camps. They were all spies and saboteurs, who were waiting to strike. If you were unaware, boy, say hello, this is a bad day for you. Most of these people were American citizens, and many were second- or even third-generation Americans, but the loyalty of everyone with "a drop of Japanese blood" was declared suspicious because the Japanese had a "record for unscrupulous betrayal in the" History was unsurpassed. "

Some newspapers were not shy about expressing their hope that their neighbors would never return. Others have made the dubious claim that real Americans among prisoners understand something and would not mind ̵

1; an argument that is convenient if you are not the one who confiscated your home and stole your property. Ironically, the mass deprivation of Japanese Americans contributed to a labor shortage that led the government to promote immigration from Mexico, but that's a story for another time. Life in the camps was rough. They were overcrowded, illnesses and food poisoning were commonplace, and children's education efforts were unsuccessful. Basically, the government had not planned for them, and it turned out. 1,862 people died of an illness and seven were shot dead.

With all the problems the camps had, at least their residents were generally allowed to stay together as families, and they were benefited by the government instead of being run for a while. The Trump administration has separated migrant children from their parents, and private companies are benefiting from it. On one occasion, there were even plans to have children imprisoned in a fortress previously used by Japanese Americans before the protesters convinced the government that they should not be so literal in repeating the story.

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