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4 Dark AF Marketing Mistakes


ZipRecruiter applied on a white nationalist podcast

Everyone seems to have a podcast these days: your friends, your favorite comedians, even your grandma – which explains why she beat you up: “Show some love on my Patreon.”

Unfortunately, the same sentiment applies to a large number (wizards) of white supremacist websites and organizations. Because we live in the hell world, they currently have unprecedented access to the ears and frontal lobes of your racist relatives … at least when they don’t deservedly to get fired of their public law (!) jobs. Usually while yelling, “BLAHBLAH marketplace of ideasBLAHBLAHthoughtcrime dictatorshipBLAHBLAHsnowflake!”

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a #IsCancelledParty that imprints on a human face – forever.”

You may be wondering: How do these podcasts make real money? It’s not that they can get lucrative sponsorship deals, at least not until people start working at Squarespace and Audible Really the business need. Hell, even NordVPN won’t touch them and they will sponsor some old did. There are exceptions, however … like the ZipRecruiter recruiting website back then enlisted the help of a white nationalist podcast to promote their merchandise, resulting in one of the darkest content-to-advertise segments in marketing history:

“Well, listen, these business owners have these problems. I mean, if they had a good service like ZipRecruiter, they wouldn’t run into these problems. You could find them.” the help they need without this weird, this weird [slur] Arguments and things, you know?


Are you hiring? Do you know where to post your job and find the best candidates? With ZipRecruiter, you can publish your job to over 100 construction sites with just one click. The powerful technology efficiently adapts the right people to your job … “

Before you go to ZipRecruiter to delete your resume, it turns out that the website is not powered by racist skinhead dipshits, just average, ordinary dipshits. As the company later explained in tears, they had planned to buy ad time on a podcast of the same name about triathlons, but their junior ad buyer, um, didn’t. We suspect they saw the words “racial superiority” and thought, “Yeah, it sounds like triathlon racers are saying something.”


KLM tried to increase sales with a tweet about fatal plane crashes

The aviation industry is going through a difficult time. Revenue has decreased, discomfort has increased, and more people are wondering if it’s half a world drinking cocktails and contracting a sexually transmitted disease quite the best way to spend our planet’s dwindling resources. (You have plenty of places to get cold gin and itchy crabs at home.) And that was before an actual pandemic happened that only further slipped you further into dark, deep existential oblivion.

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