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4 Abusive Business Practices in Hollywood That Would Let a CEO Frog March on CNN

Everyone loves a good villain. And in today's movies, the bad guy is mostly a CEO of big business. In the film Syriana for example, the villain was neither a group of terrorists nor a hostile country. It was Big Oil that tried to manipulate oil prices with terrorism, wars, and so on.

There is definitely no shortage of big business abuses in the real world, to be sure. But I started to wonder that Hollywood itself is a big business. So what about business and personal affairs? Not so great. In fact, these people are getting away with things that have a big oil executive publicly humiliated and arrested on CNN.

examples? Here are a few that I dug up:

. Hollywood's accounting practices are corrupt and routinely crowd actors out of hard-earned money

The actor David Prouse was the very big guy who wore the Darth Vader costume in the original Star Wars trilogy. He recently stated in an interview that "The Return of the Jedi" was shown on paper to never officially have made a penny profit. Yes that's right. The film, which ranked # 15 in US box office history and earned more than $ 500 million worldwide, breaks down on paper.

How is this possible? Really twisted Hollywood bookkeeping. Studios usually set up their own company for every film they make. As with any business, profit is deducted from revenue by deducting expenses. The studio will usually charge a fee to the film company overshadowing the movie box office receipts. So in the books the film loses money or is just breaking. This means that the actors have no profits to be paid. I'm sorry, David, we just can not pay you this quarter ….

In the case of the Jedi, this sounds like the young, naive Prouse, who has agreed to a share of net profits, not GROSS profits. And that's why Warner Brothers spent 30 years paying him a penny. In the article, Prouse warns young actors against guarding against one-sided Hollywood contracts that seek to take advantage of your youthful ignorance and tear you out of your money.

Wait, there is more! This is not an outlier. It's a routine in Hollywood. The record for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, ended at a loss of $ 167 million. It has made a bloody billion dollars worldwide! It's one of the best movies of the last 10 years, folks. They managed to make it a "loser" by charging the film company $ 350 million for sales, advertising and interest charges. Take a look at the balance sheet for Phoenix:

In Hollywood, companies thrive by maximizing costs to make a loss so they can turn the money over to the actors. And you think big oil is corrupt?

2. Hollywood rapes local movie theaters with profits …. They enjoy the 6-dollar popcorn

Admit it. You spent $ 12 on your movie ticket, $ 6 for your popcorn, and $ 4 for your coke. Then you slide on the SOBs that run the cinema to charge you so much. We are sorry. The real wallet rapists live in the villas in Hollywood. On the first weekend a movie comes out, the studio usually forces the theater into an 80/20 split. It may be 70/30 next weekend. In some major films like Avatar, states that they can be released with a staggeringly dreadful 90/10 split. Of course, not many films do big business on the opening weekend. The theater has little choice but to choose the Milk Duds if they want to continue.

The studios are really making an offer that the theater can not refuse. When the theater says, "Fuck you," the studio does not have to rent the movie to this theater. So, eat that $ 6 popcorn with a little more sympathy for the theater owner, ok?

3. Hollywood marketing whores manipulate and write fake reviews so you can pay $ 12 to see crap

How many times have you seen a trailer for a movie, and you see that the ad draws a word out of context from a review of ellipses like " … breathtaking …". 19659017] or " … shocking …"? There is a good chance that you will be lied to by amoral Hollywood marketing fraud. You know, of course, that the reviewer could easily have said, "What a breathtaking garbage is this movie" or "I'm shocked that everyone would drive 12 miles and watch this filth."

What could really shock you? Opinion Hollywood marketing departments are doing this kind of crap with shocking regularity. A recent action film received a review that said it was "hysterically overproduced and surprisingly entertaining." The ad called the reviewer "hysterical … entertaining." Delicious food, visits to the set, sports tickets, and other comic behaviors that fired a CEO or a salesman. The cheap critics who fall for this crap are delightfully referred to as "Quote Whores." A quote whore named Earl Dittman claims to be a movie critic for Wireless Magazine, which does not even exist. But his damn reviews have managed to be quoted in several cinema commercials. The marketing whores in Hollywood just do not mind.

4. Hollywood filmmakers abusing low-paid workers and interns

The top Hollywood talent receives $ 5-10 million per film. Meanwhile, the production assistants (PAs) are the Hollywood version of trenchers. Although trenches are probably better paid. There are PAs for everything – cameras, costumes, office, art department as well as Gofers and so on. Most of them are young and try to invade Hollywood, and almost all of them have terrible stories of abuse.

A PA recently told a story that he was ordered to run into a burning building to provide scripts. Not burning wrong, but really burning. Another was shouting because she did not bring enough tortilla chips for the staff. "How stupid are you?" The production coordinator shouted at them.

In September, two former interns who had worked on Black Swan sued Fox Searchlight for alleged improper use of their services while filming They try to end what they call "improper use of trainees by the studio." One of the trainees said he cooked only coffee, cleaned bathrooms, and paid for lunch without pay

Sexual abuse is commonplace A 22-year-old PA was fired last year after it became known that an ESPN baseball analyst had an affair with her.

In the zillion-dollar world of Hollywood, PAs receive an average of $ 10 per hour Sometimes they are paid minimum wages and some producers do not pay PAs.

So, if you are next Watch a movie in which a big business boss kicks juggles, kicks a puppy, or worse, remember what's going on in Tinseltown every day. [19659029] Tags: cnn, darth vader costume, david prouse, original star wars trilogy, return of jedi, star wars trilogy, syriana

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