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4.10 Strategy training for human rights

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A Listly List – ** Human rights are non-negotiable. Let’s talk plainly! Let’s live plainly. ** Were you there – when a woman or a man next to you was discriminated against? Did someone tell you their story about it? Where did that happen? In the supermarket, on the train or during a family celebration? How did you feel about it? Did you react? Did you want to react? Did you react Discrimination is mostly unexpected, it happens if you don’t expect it ̵

1; because someone next to you speaks the apparently wrong language, belongs to an apparently wrong religion, etc. Often you feel powerless, speechless or angry. But it is possible to prepare. It is possible to practice strategies for human rights. In this workshop we work with our own stories and experiences. Different strategies are considered, which can also look very different in different moments. The participants learn about the range of possibilities that they have at such moments, depending on the situation or mood. Basic topic 4.10 of racism-critical migration pedagogy in the youth education center Lower Franconia – action manual – aktiv- gegen-diskriminierung.info, Listening as a Radical Response to Scary Times | Work Collaboratively, Racism: What you can counter to comments on Facebook – Gutes Leben – Jetzt.de, and “Conspiracy ideologies and fake news – recognize and refute” (Free brochure) – The golden aluminum hat

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