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& # 39; Ozark & ​​# 39; Netflix TV series facts

It's a classic mistake to get on the wrong side of the wrong people, but Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) did it anyway – and took his family with him. The Netflix series Ozark is a bit like Breaking Bad … if Walter White had gotten clean early on to produce drugs and Skyler had been completely on board.

It is dark and curvy and every success promises failure. Byrde flees Chicago to escape a drug cartel and encounters a drug cartel in his new home in Missouri. If something like this happens, you have to assume that you are the problem.

Here are 20 facts about the latest show on a troubled middle-class white guy who brought Jason Bateman an Emmy for Outstanding Direction for a Drama series in 201

9 (for the episode titled "Reparations").

1. The co-creator of Ozark designed the show with his own memories.

Missouri-born and co-creator of the show, Bill Dubuque, decided to play Ozark on the Lake of the Ozarks because he worked there as a teenager for the Alhonna Resort and Marina. He has a deep love for the place, even if his characters are desperate to move to the "Redneck Riviera".

2. Neither Jason Bateman nor Laura Linney were interested in starring in a television series when Ozark came along.

Laura Linney was not interested in making a series, but she was intrigued by Jason Bateman's involvement and the ability to watch him expand his acting reach. But Bateman was almost not on board because he was not interested in making another series when the project came to him. He became a producer on Ozark and directed four episodes (originally, he was supposed to direct all until a planning conflict emerged) because he joined the show by postponing a foray into filming. The pilot episode – and the ability to direct – convinced him to join.

3. The makers of Ozark tried to get Peter Mullan on board beforehand was even a screenplay.

Peter Mullan is a wild character actor – not to mention an author and director – known for My Name is Joe and smaller, more powerful roles like the fascist guard in Children of Men and the wealthy owner of Delos on Westworld . Bateman was keen to cast Mullan in Ozark after seeing him in Jane Campion's Top of the Lake . Therefore, he and the creators of the show chased Mullan "aggressively" before they even finished the script

4. Laura Linney urged her Ozark character to be more than “just a woman”.

Linney was definitely drawn to the script when she read it, although she saw her potential character as one who needed more dimensions. There was unrealized potential there because Wendy was "just a woman," which was determined solely by her relationship with Marty. So she brought her concerns to Bateman, who agreed that they had to work out the character, and now Wendy is a monster in isolation.

5. Marty wears the same shoes as any Jason Bateman character.

If you focus on shoes when watching a show or movie, you will likely find that Jason Bateman wears a lot of New Balance. It's no different in Ozark where his character rocks the J. Crew x New Balance M1400DM, which may be a poor product placement because you can't buy it anywhere.

6. Symbols hidden in the "O" of the Ozark title card give an idea of ​​the episode.

The brooding title music shows that the show with symbols in the first letter of the title teases what you will see. A spilled oil barrel, a gun, a man on his knees. A rat, a swimming pool ladder, a children's playground. The title cards designed by Fred Davis and Kellerhouse are an ingenious tool at a time when fans are desperate to find and solve narrative clues. This show features primers that pump and give fans something to search for.

7. Jason Bateman has a bad feeling when he kills characters on Ozark .

Finally a TV producer who admits to feeling what we all feel. The shocking deaths that bind us to a show are also unfortunate. It's safe to say we miss some characters when they're gone, and Bateman understands that. "Selfishly, you want everyone to stay here," he said to The Hollywood Reporter . "We had a really great group of actors. It's terrible when these people have to go, but that's a compromise to do shows like that. You have to be ready to take big steps because there is everything there these days." [19659004]8th. Laura Linney has trouble keeping Wendy's moral compass right on Ozark .

Laura Linney's Wendy has become Wendy One of the most complicated characters in the series because she is willing and able to undertake immoral and illegal acts. This is part of the challenge of knowing where the character is during a particular plot, especially if Linney doesn't know how her story will end. "It's really a partnership between the actor and the writers and the director," she said to Vanity Fair . "To let things unfold in a way that feels right and is organic so that you don't get too far in front of yourself or too far behind you."

9. The Ozark production team learned from the FBI how to launder money.

Aside from which side of the dock it is to approach in your boat, the authors needed to understand how money laundering works in real life so that they can create a reasonable facsimile in their fictional world. Of course they called the government. "We had an FBI agent who investigated money laundering that sat down with us for a day so we could search her brain," said writer Chris Mundy.

10. Ozark has some subtle allusions to Arrested Development .

Because it covered so much ground and made so many of its own references, it is probably impossible for Bateman to be involved in anything without noticing a few Arrested Development nods. For Ozark this means that Marty stuffs cash into the walls of the resort with cash (without a banana stand) and thinks intellectually about maritime law (all aboard the Queen Mary!).

11. Julia Garner needed a hand double with Ozark .

Julia Garner, who won an Emmy in 2019 because she played the emerging criminal genius Ruth Langmore, gives her character grit and tenacity – but she had to ask for help during a mouse scene because she hates rodents. She was supposed to pick up a mouse and drop it in some water, but she was about to have a panic attack, so they got a double hand to do that. "The whole crew laughed at me," Garner told the W magazine. "It was so embarrassing and I couldn't even pick it up."

12. Laura Linney sees her Ozark character as a prism.

Wendy's elusive morality stems from what Linney sees as the character's ability to absorb new information and imagine many different approaches. "I think it's kind of a prism," Linney said to NPR. "You can shine something through it and it goes in a million different directions and it just depends on where she is. I don't think she wants to be a bad person. She wants to be better than she is, but her nature is somewhat more doubtful than she has ever known about herself. "

13. Jason Bateman sees Wendy as better equipped to deal with all the bad things.

Perhaps that is the reason Bateman sees his character's spouse as the more capable figure in their illegal plans. While calling Wendy a "ninja" who has what it takes to go on, he also said deadline that Marty "reached" at the end of season two his limit [of] his ability to deal with things. "

14. The characters on Ozark love Canadian football.

They don't call it that on the show, but the clips used in the background for several scenes are from the Canadian Football League Show has used the same piece from a game by Toronto Argos / Montreal Alouettes several times, which really makes you wonder which cable package the Byrdes have.

15th A Dance Moms Star auditioned to Charlotte on Ozark to play

Chloe Lukasiak is best known as one of the original actresses for the reality show Dance Moms in which the children danced and the mothers fought, but she also spoke in favor the role of the Byrdes daughter The role went to Sofia Hublitz, but you can see Chloe's audition above.

16. The success of Ozark led to the opening of a real bar in Missouri. [19659005] Just like Atlanta made a fictitious chicken wing order real, Ozark bleed into the tourist scene in Missouri. If you visit Lake Ozark, Missouri, you can visit Marty Byrdes Bar and Grill for Del & # 39; s Nachos, Ruth & # 39; s Smoked Wings or Wendy & # 39; s Philly Steak Sandwich.

17th A real predator hid in the Ozarks.

It's either a coincidence or an unlikely story that the producers never spoke about in interviews, but Eddie Maher – a security truck driver who stole $ 1.6 million from his own truck – fled to them United States and hid for almost two decades. At first, he and his family settled in Colorado, but they made their way to Ozark, Missouri, where his son's wife made him the authority. The wrong name under which Maher lived for years? Stephen King.

18th Ozark is filmed in Atlanta.

Although the show takes place in the Ozarks and is inspired by the Alhonna Resort, much of the show is filmed near and around Atlanta, Georgia, where a large manufacturing industry has flourished in the past decade. In particular, Ozark shoots at Eagle Rock Studios for its interior scenes, at Chateau Elan for Del & # 39; s sprawling estate, and when they need to get on the water, for Lake Altoona, which is about an hour outside of Atlanta . [19659004] 19. The owner of the real resort hopes that people will realize that Ozark is a fiction.

Is a popular show on your neck of the lake good for tourism? Shirley Gross-Russel hopes so. Her family owns the resort where Ozark plays (the same one that Dubuque used to work as a teenager), and although it may not be everyone's cup of tea to be linked to a drug-related story Washing and death, Gross-Russel relies on people who know that a TV show is just a TV show. Hopefully the guests won't tear the walls apart and look for hidden money.

20. Ozark is likely to end soon.

With the launch of season three in March 2020, Bateman announced that Netflix has not ordered a fourth season yet, and if it does, the show is unlikely to go much further. Production assumed it would take between three and five seasons. "Given the intelligence of Marty Byrde and Wendy Byrde, they will either be killed or put in jail if they stay in the square longer," Bateman told Collider. "The alternative is to flatten this field so that you don't jump on the shark, but only stall for further episodes and seasons. So I'm not sure where and when it will end, but given its intelligence, it doesn't feel like a 12 season show. "

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