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25 Disney characters presented as real people

Animated Disney Movies: We All Have Our Favorites! But have you ever wondered what your favorite 2-D Disney characters would look like as real people when they are beautifully drawn?

If the answer is yes, the artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has just made it easier for you to make your Disney fantasies come true. This talented guy has flogged some breathtaking Portraits of the most famous Disney characters as real people!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast in Front

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

I always thought it was fitting that her name was Belle because she was so beautiful. Belle was GOALS when I was a kid.

Belle from the beauty and the beast afterwards


Belle is as old as time and looks super good.

Prince Adam (AKA Beast) by Beauty and the Beast In front

Prince Adam

Sometimes it is hard to remember that Beast was human and that its human 2D shape was fairly simple to the eyes. But wait until you see the next photo.

Prince Adam (AKA Beast) by Beauty and the Beast After this

Prince Adam

I don’t see any animal in this photo; only BEAUTY!

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast In front


Gaston has always been “swollen”. His jaw always looked like he could cut diamonds! And yes – I am aware that its appearance does not match its ugly interior.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast After this


Nobody has a physical defect like Gaston, nobody has a jaw like Gaston …

Moana Von Moana In front


Moana’s brows are always fleek and it makes me jealous!

Moana Von Moana After this



Ariel Von The little mermaid In front


Ariel’s fiery red hair has sparked a trend for hipster girls everywhere, and we welcome them for that!

Ariel Von The little mermaid After this


We know a lot of people who want her to be part of her world. Breathtaking in 2-D and 3-D? Both with a tail? No fair!

Prince Eric of The little mermaid In front

Prince Eric

Prince Eric has always been a stallion. The perfect hair … fainting.

Prince Eric of The little mermaid After this

Prince Eric

Okay, Eric, I see you. He went from perfect hair in 2-D to perfectly disheveled in 3-D.


I know what you all think – Ursula? Carry with me, it’s worth it.

Ursula Von The little mermaid After this


YAS QUEEN! Ursula’s vintage vibe with her red lips and nails seriously kills.

Captain Hook from Peter Pan In front

Captain Hook

Captain Hook has always had a sick mustache and thick hair. Not with me.

Captain Hook from Peter Pan After this

Captain Hook

Princess Jasmine Aladdin In front


Jasmine has always been a style icon. Her ponytail was way ahead of her time and her outfit was always an envy of mine.

Princess Jasmine Aladdin After this


Ugh, Jasmine, you are perfect. Don’t change anything about yourself. Still an icon.

Aladdin Von Aladdin In front


Aladdin was not afraid to rock a vest without a shirt. That gave him a degree of rebellious edge. Can you do it in 3-D?

Aladdin Von Aladdin After this


Aladdin’s open-west look has certainly reached a whole new level … or world. Yes – I had to.

Is it me or does he look like Jake Gyllenhaal?

Jafar Von Aladdin In front


Jafar weighs his cloak. Not many men would have the confidence he has in wearing one.

Jafar Von Aladdin After this


This proves that he doesn’t need a cape to look good confidently!

Esmeralda Von The Hunchback of Notre Dame In front


I’ve always understood why so many people have a crush on Esmeralda – the girl is adorable! These waves in her hair are so effortless too!

Esmeralda Von The Hunchback of Notre Dame After this


Wow wow wow. I want this outfit – it looks like a comfortable summer concert!

Hercules from Hercules In front


Hercules has always been a hunk who was never stopped by gender norms from feeling safe and masculine in a dress!

Hercules from Hercules After this


No chance, no way – I won’t say I’m in love …

OK, maybe just one little in love.

Megara from Hercules In front


Meg doesn’t need muscles – her strength is her beauty and the ability to match her eye shadow perfectly to her dress.

Megara from Hercules After this


Talk about a goddess! I would let them cast shadows on me every day!

Hades From Hercules In front


Hades as a real person? Is it even possible? Trust me. Click on.

Hades From Hercules After this


Okay, Hades! I’m here for that punk rock vibe. Doesn’t he look like he should be on tour with Twenty One Pilots?

Merida Von Brave In front


Merida’s fiery red curls match her fiery personality, and that makes her a LEGEND.

Merida Von Brave After this


Wait, your hair can become even better?! And look at how striking her eyes are! Very jealous?

Mulan Von Mulan In front


How could you Not Be true to your heart when you see the beauty of Mulan?

Mulan Von Mulan After this


Mulan, your reflection shows that you are beautiful inside and out.

Captain Li Shang of Mulan In front

Captain Li Shang2-D Li Shang is perhaps one of the most popular Disney Hunks and is already a snack. Sit down if you are not yet, because we will serve you an entire starter.

Captain Li Shang of Mulan After this

Captain Li Shang

Yes, Li Shang. Let’s get down to business.

Rapunzel Von Tangled In front


Rapunzel, I see the light in your shiny, golden hair.

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