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21 video game covers straight from hell

Everyone saw bad covers. We’re practically deaf for examples of hideous crap stuck on the front of a crap book, or for an album cover that hits your eyes like the warm-up of the headliner that’s waiting for your ears when you throw it up. There is no shortage of film posters that tell us about the quality of the film before it even starts rolling. But there is one type of cover that has been hidden under the radar for far too long: video game covers.

There are unspeakable atrocities in video games that span all eras and almost every imaginable platform. Cover like …

21 video game covers straight from hellSega

We start with a classic. In the mostly underestimated world of bad video game art Tommy Lasorda baseball because the Sega Genesis has a bit of legacy as one of the worst. It is easy to understand why. Baseball already has a reputation for being less athletic than most, but hitting this man as a face for your “sport”

; could get you in trouble.

This looks more like amateur tribute art for a beloved late customer in a small Italian restaurant that was known to eat three chicken parmesan starters as a standard lunch order. Which, to be fair, is probably something that many professional baseball players of that time routinely chased with a beer just hours before they took the plate with a lit cigarette dangling from their mouths.

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