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2 BAD: Sweethearts conversation hearts were canceled on this Valentine's Day

Happy National Popcorn Day! While undoubtedly celebrating with a bowl of freshly popped, generously buttered popcorn, here's something else to digest: Orville Redenbacher originally named his product Red-Bow Charlie Bowman bought the seed corn plant George F. Chester and Son in Boone Township, Indiana. Although Redenbacher's background lay in agronomy and plant genetics, he had tried popcorn and was friends with the Chester family.

Finally, Carl Hartman was brought to experiments. In 1969, when the trio developed a seed that they felt confident about, they went on the market. They named the product "Red-Bow", an allusion to "Redenbacher" and "Bowman".

The product was a regional hit, but by 1

970 Bowman and Redenbacher were ready for a national audience and hired a Chicago-based ad agency to advise them on the brand strategy. At the first meeting, Redenbacher talked about popcorn for three hours. "Come back next week and we have something for you," he later said.

The following week, he contacted the agency and said, "Orville Redenbacher" is the perfect name for the young popcorn brand. "Golly, no," he said. "Redenbacher is such a … funny name." That's the point, they said, and they must have found a compelling reason for that, because Orville Redenbacher is the brand we know today – and the man himself is still well-known spokesman more than 20 years after his death.

Still, Redenbacher was not sure that the $ 13,000 fee charged by the agency was well spent money. "I went back to Indiana and thought we paid $ 13,000 for someone who had the same name as my mother when I was born," Redenbacher later wrote.

Hungry for more Redenbacher? See the inventor working on the vintage ad below.

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