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16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Perhaps there is a reason why pigs are a favorite of children and fairy tales – pigs are among the most intelligent and social animals out there. In honor of this year's Award of the Year in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, here are some facts that you may not know about these curly tails.

. 1 Pigs were tamed more than 9000 years ago.

Scientists assume that pigs have been around for a long time. The omnivore is one of the oldest domesticated species – behind only dogs and goats. It is believed that their wild ancestor is the Eurasian boar.

. 2 Pigs have very few sweat glands.

Think of a classic image of a pig ̵

1; chances are it's rolling around in the mud. On hot days pigs like to roll in the mud, not because they are dirty, but to cool down. Swine lack sweat glands that would otherwise release body heat, and their high body fat requires that they not roast in the sun. The dirt allows them to maintain their body temperature while maintaining a relaxed and nurturing self-care.

. 3 Pigs are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Considering how long pigs last, the world's range of pork species extends around the world. Each continent has a specific population of pigs, wild boar and pigs, with Antarctica being the only exception.

. 4 Wild boars cause $ 1 billion worth of damage a year in the US

Your typical piglet does not cause any danger, but wild boar – and a growing number of invasive swine – is a different story. Wild boars cause $ 1.5 billion in damage annually in the United States; Their rooting for food can tear up farmland, crush crops and recreational areas and supplant other wildlife. In addition, they can carry disease risks more threatening to livestock and other domesticated animals, such as dogs [PDF]. It is possible that pigs do not trample over urban buildings like Godzilla, but their impact on agricultural land is widespread and significant.

. 5 There are more pigs in Denmark than humans.

Denmark has a larger pig population than humans. Part of it has to do with the lucrative meat industry. Over 5,000 pig farms produce around 28 million pigs, with 20 million slaughtered each year. By contrast, Denmark's human population is 5 to 6 million people. Indeed, the pig population is so valuable that the country has recently started building a $ 12 million wall to prevent wild boars (which could possibly carry African swine fever, a viral disease common to both wild boars). as well as domestic pigs is highly contagious and deadly is not human) in neighboring Germany from entering Danish pig farms.

. 6 Pigs are video game professionals.

Penn State studies in the 1990's have shown that pigs, who are often perceived as dirty and moronic, have a notable talent for video games. The study showed that pigs are so smart that they could learn how to play a joystick game better than chimpanzees and a Jack Russell Terrier (a breed commonly used in movies because of their intelligence and training ability is known). [19659002] 7. Forty-six piglets were used to play Wilbur's role in Charlotte's Web .

Wilbur, the main character in E.B. The timeless narrative of White Charlotte's Web is probably the most popular pork of literature. The 2006 film adaptation of the same name seemed to know it as such and used 46 piglets to accurately depict the figure on the big screen. Each piglet was treated like a royal house from Hollywood: After the films were shot, they were looked after and given a new home in Australia (where the movie was filmed). And another pig from the movie had a happy ending – the sow who played Wilbur's mother, later called Alice, lived with two piglets in a shelter. Scream!

. 8 Winston Churchill appreciated pigs.

Winston Churchill is best known for his leadership as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. It is a shame that his clever look at the pigs, lost in his sea of ​​memorable speeches and quotations, went a little unnoticed. "I like pigs," Churchill once said. "Dogs look up at us, cats look down on us, pigs treat us as equals." In other words, dogs seek our approval, cats are not less interested, but pigs that are intelligent and sociable are on a par with humans.

. 9 Some pigs know how to surf.

We said pigs are smart. If they do not play barnyard bowling, basketball or puzzles, they sometimes get excited when they ride a wave. Kamapua & # 39; a, a famous Hawaiian porkman, also known as Kama, the surfing pig, goes often enough with his owner, Kai Holt, to master his surfing skills. Kama's is even good enough to take you – at least via a GoPro – and he has taught his Piggie son Kama 2 the ways of Shaka life. Sounds like pig heaven.

10th Miss Piggy was originally called "Piggy Lee".

Kermit the Frog may have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but his romantic interest, Miss Piggy, is an icon in itself. But before the diva was fully realized, she had a slightly different name. According to handwritten notes and polaroids by creator Jim Henson of Muppets Miss Piggy was originally named Piggy Lee, a reference to the famous jazz singer Peggy Lee.

"When I founded Miss Piggy for the first time, I called her Miss Piggy Lee – both as a joke and as a tribute," said Muppet designer Bonnie Erickson Smithsonian in 2008. "Peggy Lee was a very independent woman and Piggy is certainly the same. "Like many other stars designed for the limelight, Piggy Lee needed her name to be more original. And besides, "when Piggy's fame began to grow, nobody wanted to upset Peggy Lee," Erickson added, "mainly because we admired her work."

. 11 The piggy bank came from Pygg pots.

As a child, you have all of your remaining stock stored in a specific storage item: the piggy bank. But why did the pig gain all the glory of all animals in the world?

In the 13th to 15th centuries, the place where people could store their money was in pots of orange clay called "pygg". With the development of the English language, this word eventually became pig or piggy . Whether by coincidence or design, manufacturers began to make small pots in the shape of pigs in the 19th century, and finally, piggy banks were the latest craze. So the next time you bring some bacon home, you know where to put it.

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