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15 worth knowing about puppy shell

The Super Bowl can retain its 100 million viewers and $ 5 million in advertising purchases. Because the Puppy Bowl has something better: Puppies! More than 90 of them – and all are customizable. There are also kittens (they provide the mid-term entertainment) and Shirley, the rescue sloth, who serves as a backup assistant to Dan Schachner, who will wear the black and white stripes for his eighth gear as the "Rufferee" of the big game. With the help of Schachner, we have discovered 15 things that you may not have known about Puppy Bowl.

. 1 It was inspired by The Yule Log .

Yes, the long-standing Christmas TV special, which had nothing more than the image of a tree trunk burning with Christmas music in the background, was the inspiration for the puppy shell. The Puppy Bowl's 2005 broadcast debut was a much less burdensome affair, consisting mainly of copious shots of puppies. But there was also the game's first unsportsmanlike delay-of-game penalty given to a puppy named Riley, who in the announcer's words made the decision "to use the field as his own bathroom" (see video) above, if you want visual evidence of what that means.)

2. Safety is the top priority.

Puppies will be puppies. And puppies do not always play fair. In addition to a veterinarian who is on the set throughout the program, representatives of the Humane Society and each of the animal shelters whose dogs are presented are available to ensure the safety of the participants. This includes having the puppies take a break from light, camera and action every 30 minutes. For the 201

9 event, 93 puppies from 51 shelters and rescue teams will be represented.

. 3 "Gameday" will take place in October.

Puppy Bowl is not a live broadcast. It was shot in the course of two days in October. "This element baffles people," says Schachner Mental Floss. But the reason is completely understandable. "It's three months of preparation time because it's two full days of shooting," says Schachner. "There are also 21 cameras in the field. So that's a lot of material that you can edit and turn into a two-hour show.

. 4 Peanut butter is the best friend of the production team.

How does the production team manage to do all these adorable close-ups? Simple: peanut butter. Of the dozens of cameras holding all the action in the field, one is mounted under a glass-bottomed water bowl, while others are hidden in the dog's dog toys – but not before they are lubricated with peanut butter to attract the competition canines ,

. 5 Puppy Bowl VIII has been given a double touchdown.

"We are very open about our rules," says Schachner, who states that we had a simultaneous touchdown in Puppy Bowl VIII "and that it has never happened before." Two puppies were dragging two chewers into the end zone at the same time I did not know what to do, so I talked to our control room, we did an immediate rerun and found it counted, every puppy got a touchdown point. "

6. The cheerleaders are constantly changing.

In 2010, the Puppy Bowl added a bit of Ra-Ra-Ra to the production when it included a team of bunny cheerleaders, and the chickens cheered on the sidelines in 2011. In 2012, the chicks were replaced by a Piggy Pep Squad replaced in 2013 followed by a team of hedgehogs, a group of peppery penguins from the Columbus Zoo in 2014, five Nigerian pygmy goats in 2015, "five tall-haired Silkie chickens" in 2016 a group Rescue rabbits and guinea pigs in 2017 and in 2018 a barn with ducklings, piglets and baby rabbits. For 2019, a group of baby kangaroos will pump up the amount.

. 7 Lack of energy is a reason for the disqualification.

"We had penalties when puppies are too wild, but also when they are too lazy," says Schachner about the behaviors that can exclude a puppy from the competition. "This is called 'illegal nap' or 'over nap'."

. 8 "Pancaking" is a no-no.

Asked about the strangest punishment he ever had to pile up against a competitor, Schachner remembers "a puppy that literally flattened other puppies, pushing and biting puppies and sniffing and tackling, but there was a puppy who literally jumped and landed on the backs of the other puppies, so we invented a foul called Pancaking back then. We sent them back 15 yards. "

9th Puppy Bowl launched an Olympic Spin-off.

In 2008, a Puppy Bowl spin-off – Puppy Games – was broadcast against the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics, and while the set-up was the puppy bowl, the competitions were all new and included swimming, boxing, football and gymnastics events

10. There are a lot of shits that you can not see.

Cleaning up after not always standing athletes of the S piels belongs to the job of the referee. However, Schachner says the biggest misconception about his role is that "I'm constantly picking up hoes and pee." [People] Do not forget that there is an amazing crew here, they are like little elves coming in and those magically erase animal pillows left on the field, so if the game is actually running and these cameras are running, you will not see too many fouls.You will see a pair, but you will not see too many puppies doing what they do of course! "

11. Yes, the puppies are all adoptable But good luck with the introduction!

Yes, all competitors of Puppy Bowl are guard dogs. (This also applies to the cats But due to the date of production in October compared to the airline's February date: "By the time the Puppy Bowl airs, most of these puppies already have a home forever," says Schachner. "We encourage everyone to go to AnimalPlanet.com during the broadcast. If you see a puppy you fall in love with, you should check it. They can be customizable. And if not, that shelter will have other puppies that are equally adorable, maybe even from the same litter.

Since the launch of the Puppy Bowl, the event has helped more than 500 dogs find a home forever.

12th It is no longer the only animal "shell".

The popularity of the Puppy Bowl has not gone unnoticed by other networks. Hallmark Channel will be addressing the cat mass with the sixth edition of its Kitten Bowl.

. 13 Record number of viewers for the 2018 event.

Puppy Bowl XIV was a rating hit; The 2018 event scored 1.46 percent among the coveted 25-54 spectators, making it the top rated Puppy Bowl ever – and the third highest in Animal Planet history in this population.

fourteenth Several puppies with special needs are present.

In 2017, Puppy Bowl welcomed its very first competitor with special needs and has since become a gaming tradition. This year's lineup includes Pippi, a blind Jack Russell mix; Bumble, a blind and hearing-impaired Australian Shepherd mix; and Will, a three-legged doodle mix .

15. Shirley, the rescue sloth, is back for a second try.

After eight years as referee of the Puppy Bowl, Schachner is a pro. But that did not stop him from seeking help when it comes to demanding fines and celebrating touchdowns. In 2018, he invited a special guest – Shirley, the Rescue Sloth – to help him on the sidelines. She will return again this year as Schachner's number two.

An earlier version of this story ran in 2014.

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