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15 Strange Yet Funny Gag Gifts

We all love a good gag gift, and what's better than weird, funny and weird gag gifts? Is not that the point? Here are some of the best, funniest and funniest gag gifts you can get.

Leave me alone, useless box kit

This is already the best. The only function of this box is to immediately undo what you have just done. So if you set the switch on the Useless Box to "On", a small "finger" will pop out and switch the device off again. To get the most out of this gag gift, keep it in a public place so that many people try to use it and also enjoy the fun of the Useless box. Buy now!

They were just poisoned Mug

These 11-ounces. Premium ceramic mug with the inscription "You were poisoned". The gag is, however, that he is not on the outside of the cup. No, it's down below. So you can not read this until after you have already drank what was in your cup! Funny and awesome. Buy now!

Rock Pet Kit with Adoption Certificate

This Rock Pet comes with an adjustable leash, blanket and, of course, training magazines. With the adoption certificate and the colorful rock habitat, you can easily change your pet. Each "pet" is selected by hand and sent to you ready to play. Order your new pet today! Buy now!

Engineer Excuse Dice

Need an apology? All you need are these cubes and it will be easier than ever. The three (3) dice will give you a problem, a reason for the problem, and a solution that will help correct the problem. Perfect. Buy now!

Canned unicorn meat

This meat is magical in every bite, at least according to its packaging. This meat comes from unicorns treated like Kobe beef, and the unicorn's coat is massaged daily with guiness. The unicorns are fed exclusively with cotton candy to facilitate fattening. Over time, the meat becomes greasy and marbled. Sounds delicious. What do you think? Buy now!

Phantom Keystroker Prank V2 – Time Delay Switch, Caps Lock, Keyboard, and Mouse

This is the best of high-tech office coating machines. This looks like a harmless flash drive, but this device is perfect for causing unlimited torture in your office. Just connect it to another user's computer. You do not even need drivers to install it. The Phantom Key Stroker emulates a keyboard and a mouse and performs random mouse movements, turns the Caps Lock on and off, and outputs garbage texts and phrases. This is only the beginning. If you want to annoy your office, you must get one of them in hand and start immediately. Buy now!

The neighbors have better things – Doormat

You can give it away or buy it and keep it to yourself. Anyone living in a dubious area or thinking that someone wants to break into their home should have one. In addition, this doormat has a soft surface and a good size. The unique design does not leave it hanging in the door. It is also non-slip and durable. It is also easy to clean and to maintain. Buy now!

Auto Eject Button

All Yes for this Gag Gift! Who does not want a car eject button? This button plays a great role in movies and is perfect to catch your unsuspecting passenger. This auto-eject button has a universal design suitable for all vehicles with a standard 12 volt power source. The button can also be used as a functional cigarette lighter button. Buy now!

WARNING To avoid injury, do not tell me how to do my job. Do you know, the one who always complains and who is in micromanagement? You need this sign. It is a durable glossy vinyl decal / sticker with a laminate protective layer that prevents fading or scratching. You can also buy these for people who love their job. It could be put in the garage, in a man cave, or directly on another person's desk. Buy now!

OLD Over-The-Hill Birthday Candles

These candles are fun for all over-30s Especially after 30. These candles read "OLD" so you do not even have to enter an actual number. Buy now!

Soy Candle with Anti-Kidney, Lavender and Vanilla Scents

This funny gift is perfect for anyone with or near children. This candle will make everyone laugh and hopefully bring some peace. Lavender and vanilla are soothing scents and give the air a great and relaxing fragrance. Buy now!

Hairy Chest Tank Top

This women's tank top with racer back is multi-colored and available in sizes small to extra large. Not only do you see a hairy man with nipples and everything, but he's even skin-colored to look real. Buy now!

Dear asshole: 101 letters to the idiots who ruin your life

This gift is invaluable and I do not know anybody who would not appreciate it. Would you like to leave a note to the person who has parked like crap and taken two (2) places? What about the person who is open to you? Now you have a note that you can give them! "Dear Asshole" comes with 101 letters for all assholes in your daily life. Each letter is perforated so you can easily tear it out and put it in front of you. You want to have this book with you all the time, so that you can always share some of your opinion with people by letter. Buy now!

Follow-Me-Bring Beer – Flip-Flops

These personalized personalized sandal follow-me sandals are a real eye-catcher, if not nothing else. You just have to run around and leave messages everywhere. You may never have to buy beer again! All you have to do is walk around a lot and people buy beer and follow you. Eventually, they will catch up with you and you can all drink the beer they brought! This gift is the favorite of anyone you give it to. Buy now!

Zen as F * ck: A diary for practicing the mindful art of not giving a damn

Already this is the greatest gift. People who can use Zen and bad words in one sentence are my kind of people. And we need more of them in this world. Not only is this book beautiful and uplifting, it also leads you to continue to note that you will not get fucked in this life, which may be the most valuable skill you have. The book is full of positive affirmations and active activities, along with all the good vibes. Buy now!

If you want to give someone a great (gag) gift or just something funny, any of these options would be awesome. Who needs to get one of these gifts for his friends soon?

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