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15 spooky Halloween traditions and their origins

As fun as it is to dress in a Halloween costume, it's even more satisfying to throw on your favorite four-legged friend. For a glorious day, you can turn your dog or cat into a vampire, a superhero, a Jedi or even a taco. This is considered completely normal. Choosing the right dog or cat costume, however, can be difficult, especially with all the options available. Here are 25 awesome Halloween costumes for cats and dogs available from Petco, Chewy, Target and Walmart.

. 1 Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Turn your pooch into an Amazonian warrior with this ensemble that wears the colors and familiar Wonder Woman tiara. Steve Trevor is available separately.

Buy: Petco

2. Superman Illusion Dog Suit

Superpups do not need a phone booth to get into with this illusion suit that mimics the iconic transformation of Clark (Bark) Kent into Superman. (Note: glasses do not have corrective lenses.)

Buy: Petco

3. Batman Dog T-Shirt

If your pet has little patience with elaborate costumes, consider this minimalist approach. A bat symbol on the back underscores the support of the vigilantes.

Buy: Petco

4. DC's Batman Illusion Dog Suit

Probably your dog has never met her parents, which is at least one thing they have in common with Bruce Wayne. Avenge Gotham with this padded costume that gives your pet better abdominals than you.

Buy it: Petco

5. Batman Dog Bandana

The Bat logo in this puppy-friendly scarf for dogs who prefer sleeveless clothing is highlighted by a yellow background.

Buy: Petco

6. Superman Dog Bandana

Is your hero dog ready to take off his glasses, give up his job as a newspaper reporter, and share his true identity with the world? This bandana is the best way to do it.

Buy: Petco

7. Spider-Man Hoody

While the debate on which Spider-Man has done best ̵

1; Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire – continues, the clear winner is about to be your dog wearing this costume wearing.

Buy it: Petco

8. Jack-o'-Lantern Dog Hoodie

Since carving jack-o'-lanterns is difficult, turn your puppy into a "pupkin" instead.

Buy: Petco [19659002] 9. Cookie Monster

The perfect outfit for the doggie that will keep an eye out for your biscuit, although he definitely can not have any chocolate.

Buy: Petco

10. Toast of the Town

This special outfit is perfect for trendy millennials who know that the secret of happiness lies between two thick slices of avocado toast. The headband "Flaming Dawg Hot Sauce" is just the icing on the cake, hot sauce on the toast.

Buy: Petco

11. King Purrington

Your cat does not have to dress like a king to know she's in charge. So let this royal costume serve as a reminder to everyone else in the house. Just do not be surprised if your cat starts to work harder than usual after a few hours with cape and crown.

Buy: vPetco

12. Lion's Mane

On Halloween, your pet can look as wild as it feels all year round. But be warned: This lion mane costume will probably ban more "awws" than screams.

Buy: Petco

13. "Witch, please!" Dog hat

Creepyness, Sassiness: This witch hat for dogs – complete with a lime green wig and the words "Witch, please!" Emblazoned on the band – has everything.

Buy: Petco

14. Teddy Bear Dog Costume

Your dog may become more oppressive when you dress him up like a plush teddy bear – complete with little arms, legs and ears.

Buy: Petco

15. Dog and Cat Sombrero

The best thing about this sombrero for your cat or dog is that there is no reason why you can not put it on after Halloween. They may hate you for that, but the look on their face will make a great photo (see above).

Buy it: Chewy

16. Cat devil costume

Every cat has a touch of evil in it. Indulge them this Halloween with the horns they have earned all year round.

Buy: Tough

17. Cat and Dog Vampire Cloak

Simple but effective – turn your pet into an elegant Halloween event with this red-capped black cape. Taco Dog & Cat Costume

Your favorite pet food. The best part is that the entire taco costume is one-piece, so you do not have to worry about it getting tedious.

Buy: Tough

19. Dog or Cat Business Suit

There is a possibility that your pet may never have a powerful office job, but this does not mean it can not put the item on. And do not worry, the tie is attached to the costume so your puppy does not have to learn the Half Windsor.

Buy: Chewy

20. Skeleton Hoodie

With a classic like this Skeleton Hoodie, you really can not go wrong. And with the ear holes in the hood, your puppy will feel well throughout Halloween.

Buy: Target

21. Ewok Dog Costume

Even the lousiest Star Wars fans will not be able to resist this simple costume that turns your dog into a wild and hazy protector of Endor.

Buy: Target

22. Jedi Robe

This Jedi robe is a civilized-era costume that is easy to put on and adds a graceful elegance to any dog's life. Just keep an eye on your paws – you do not want to fall for this trick nonsense.

Buy it: Target

23. Jurassic World T. rex

Cue the John Williams because of this T. The costume of rex is perfect for any dino lover Halloween freak. The kicker? The tiny arms of course.

Buy: Walmart

24. Yoda

You already know that your pet is smart for years to come. Therefore, it is natural to beat a Yoda costume on it. If you can not get your cat or dog in the bathrobe, you can choose only the Yoda ears.

Buy: Walmart

25. Blue Monster

Turn your pet into a furry animal this Halloween – more than usual. And if you do not like the shock of light blue hair, you can opt for the pink version. It is your money; Lay your puppy as you like.

Buy: Walmart

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