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15 delicious facts about Pizza Hut

For over 60 years Pizza Hut has been throwing hungry consumers all over the world with hot, cheesy cakes. (There are more than 16,000 locations worldwide.) Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, here are 15 things you should know about the popular pizza chain.

. 1 It was founded by two brothers who were still in college.

Dan and Frank Carney borrowed $ 600 from their mother in 1958 to open a pizzeria during Wichita State University's visit. The name was inspired by the former bar they rented to open their first location.

. 2 Pizza Hut franchising was almost instantaneous.

A year after opening its first site in Wichita, Kansas, the Carney brothers had already founded the company and asked their friend Dick Hassur to open the first franchise site in Topeka, Kansas. Hassur, who had previously gone to school with Dan Carney and worked for Boeing, was looking for a way out of his job as an insurance agent. He soon became the owner of a multi-franchise and worked for other managers who could open pizza haters across the country.

When a successful manager of a site in Wichita made his announcement, Hassur was sent in to persuade the man to stay. This manager happened to be Bill Parcells, who had quit his Pizza Hut job to take on his first coaching job at a small college in Nebraska. Later, he later coached numerous NFL teams, including the two New York Giants to two Super Bowl victories. "Maybe I was wrong," Hassur said as he tried to convince Parcells that his salary as a manager was better than as a coach, "but I'm sure he would have been successful with Pizza Hut." [1

9659002]. 3 In the early days there was a mascot.

Before the iconic red roof logo was introduced in 1969, Pizza Hut had a mascot called Pizza Pete, which also served as a logo. The cartoon man with mustache was wearing a chef's hat, a scarf, and an apron while serving warm food to hungry guests. Pizza Pete was still used in the 70s for bags, cups and advertising, but was eventually taken out of the market.

. 4 Pizza Hut perfume was one thing that existed.

At the end of 2012 it was announced that Pizza Hut had planned to release a Limited Edition perfume that smelled of "fresh dough with some spice". One hundred fans of the Pizza Hut Canada Facebook site won scented bottles, and another round of Valentine's Day promotions gave American pizza lovers the opportunity to purchase the scent through a Twitter contest. The perfume's packaging resembled mini-pizza boxes and turned up on eBay for up to $ 495.

. 5 They hit gold with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When a group of crime-fighting turtles who love pizza become huge pop culture icons, it's no brainer for a pizza maker to do business with them. Domino's was featured in the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in 1990, but ads for Pizza Hut were recorded on the VHS when the movie was home-made. Pizza Hut reportedly spent about $ 20 million on marketing campaigns for the Turtles during 1990's "Coming Out Their Shells" concert tour and album release. The partnership continued until the publication of Teenage's Mutant Ninja Turtles by Michael Bay [2014] .

. 6 Pizza Hut Easy-Bake ovens were also real.

Children of the 70s were fortunate enough to have small toy ovens in the shape of a restaurant where they could bake small pizza pizza pizza under a 60 watt light bulb. [19659002] 7. Your vintage car ads are starred.

An eleven-year-old Elijah Wood got his first start with potato salad at his co-star; Ringo Starr and the Monkees were amazed at the crust pizza; and former Soviet statesman Mikhail Gorbachev had a very strange political pizza pitch and appeared with his young granddaughter in a Russian pizza hut (although the ad should not be shown in Russia).

. 8 The book it! Program is 35 years old.

In 1984 Pizza Hut launched the BOOK IT! Program, an initiative that encourages children to read by rewarding them with "praise, recognition and pizza". It was such a success that First Lady Barbara Bush hosted a reading party party at the White House in 1989. The program is today the "longest-run enterprise-supported reading program in the country" and has reached over 60 million children.

. 9 They were early on creating the pancake.

Pizza Hut introduced the pancake in 1980, nine years before their competition, Domino's, she added a style to the menu. In 1983, they introduced personal panpizzas, which are still the coveted prize of BOOK IT! Program and the only pizza option in smaller Pizza Hut cafes (like those in Target Stores).

10th They were also early in the online order.

In 1994, Pizza Hut and The Santa Cruz founded Operation PizzaNet, a pioneer program that allowed computer users to place orders over the Internet. The Los Angeles Times called the idea "smart, but only half-baked" and "nibble the geek-chic way". And the site is still in operation! Seriously, go ahead and try to order.

. 11 Pizza Hut Pizza was in space …

In 2001, Pizza Hut was the first company to deliver cake to space. Before the pizza recipe was sealed and sent to the International Space Station, it had to undergo "strictly stabilized thermal conditions" to ensure that it would still be edible there. Pizza Hut also paid a large, unspecified sum (but definitely more than a million dollars) to have a 30-foot-wide display on a rocket.

12th … but not to the moon.

In 1999, the then CEO of Pizza Hut, Mike Rawlings (and the current mayor of Dallas) told The New York Times that an earlier idea for space marketing the logo was to be shown on the moon with lasers. Once they did, however, astronomers and physicists told them that the projected image must be as big as Texas to be seen from Earth – and the project would have cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Better stay with Super Bowl ads.

. 13 They once offered pizza engagement packages.

What is the perfect way to crack the big question? In 2012, Pizza Hut suggested that grooms (or brides) for the engagement package, consisting of a 10-dollar box, a sedan, a ruby ​​ring, a firework, flowers and a photographer, should all be ordered for $ 10,010. Fitting to the topic only 10 packages were offered. To be clear, if you had bought a pizza hat engagement package, you would have spent $ 10 on food and about the cost of a wedding on the proposal.

fourteenth Pizza Hut accounts for three percent of US cheese production.

With all these locations and cheese-filled crusts, Pizza Hut needs a lot of dairy products. The company uses over 300 million pounds of cheese annually and is one of the largest cheese buyers in the world. To make that much cheese, 170,000 cows are used to make an estimated 300 billion gallons of milk. Consider the next order of Ultimate Cheese Lover's Pizza with Extra Cheese.

15th There are many converted Pizza Hut locations.

Business franchises are not always successful, and when closed, buildings are often left untouched by their new owners rather than demolished and replaced. Since the hut-shaped businesses have become synonymous with the company, their former locations are easily recognizable . The Blog "Formerly a Pizza Hut" has an interactive map of more than 500 former huts submitted by people around the world. There is also a successful Kickstarter funded photo book called Pizza Hunt which documents the "second lives" of the restaurants.

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