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13 Behind the scenes Secrets of the dog show

If retailers could splice their DNA, Target could be considered a hybrid of Walmart and IKEA. The 1850 US chain locations tend to focus less on low prices than on offering consumers a variety of household goods, including furnishings, clothing and even groceries, in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Target Employees or "Team Members" follow company policies to make sure customers are satisfied. (Goal, on the other hand, tries to keep employees happy.) The starting salary in stores is $ 12 per hour and is in many areas above the minimum wage average, it is expected to reach $ 15 by 2020.) To get a better idea of ​​it, Mental Floss interviewed a number of current and former Target employees on their experiences as they walked through the well-polished floors

. Members of the target team have 15 seconds to respond to a customer's call for help.

Go to a department within a target – toys, electronics, tools – and you'll see one small call button or a phone that you can use to support the inventory, prices or even by ei Report a leak. This is Target's DEFCON 1 version of Target, and it is expected that team members will respond accordingly. "When a guest picks up one of these red phones from the price scanners, he or she gets the chance to be redirected to the store operator or call a team member," says Michael, a Target team member in the Los Angeles area, Mental Floss. "When they call a team member, our walkers announce that a guest in the area where the phone is located needs service, and we have 15 seconds to get to that phone and delete the request."

If Not Yes After 15 seconds, the employee receives a second notification from the system. If you miss it a third time, the store and its employees will greatly affect guest service reviews, which are also impacted by customer satisfaction surveys, speed of purchase, and other metrics. (Low scores can trigger management scolding.)

2. Target employees are trained in the clean-up of biological hazards.

When you work with the public, meeting body fluids is part of the job. At Target, caretakers are typically responsible for picking up shopping trolleys and general maintenance, including clutter that has not entered a toilet or sink. If the car attendant is unavailable, other team members must be trained in the removal of inconvenience. "Technically, it's the responsibility of the Cart Attendant, but we do not have one all the time," says Katherine, a target team member in Missouri, to Mental Floss. "You must be certified to clean up biological hazards. It's an education you have to do. You can clean chemical soiling, faeces and the like. "

Katherine says she had to dispose of faulty shit and used underwear. Fortunately, there is a hierarchy for more serious stains: "For blood, we should get the shopkeeper."

. 3 Target Starbucks is not really a Starbucks.

A welcome advantage of Target locations is the food court, where various pizzas or other fast food items can be accommodated, and typically a Starbucks location as well. (As of 2016, there were over 1300 target stores with a Starbucks.) But according to Katherine, Starbucks is not a Starbucks by the strictest definition. "A Starbucks in a target is not actually a Starbucks," she says. These storefronts are actually managed by Target, not by the coffee chain. "If they switched to Starbucks, they would have to be retrained or trained. Starbucks does not consider Target Starbucks as Starbucks. "

. 4 Target employees do not hate when customers behave like "Karen".

If you hear that a Target employee is discussing someone named "Karen" in your presence, be worried. In Reddit and other Internet forums, where members of the Target team gather to share customer horror stories, the name has become a catch-all for a rude, vile buyer. "Karen is basically the guest who complains about why her coupon did not work," says Katherine. "She is a lot of people. Her name may not be Karen in real life, but it hurts. Only one guest who wants to talk to your supervisor. "

. 5 Team members want to get in contact with you.

In the corporate language of Target the concept of the "Vibe" was used. This term referred to how team members can achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Although the term "vibe" has come from the style, the idea persists – giving customers a good feeling about their experiences. "The Vibe was Target's method of helping customers buy more material," says Adam, a former Target employee in Wisconsin, opposite Mental Floss. "For example, a customer wants to buy a digital camera. We would try to get them to buy a memory card and possibly a protective case as well. Target wanted us to try to connect with the customer for additional revenue. The Vibe also did other things, such as low-cost products that did not ask questions, keeping things, buying customers into their cars, and even getting into their cars. "

. 6 Sometimes they are afraid to see Funko collectors coming in.

For the Funko collectors, the excitement of the blockhead vinyl characters means looking for exclusive items in various retail outlets. Their enthusiasm for collecting limited-edition articles can sometimes put a strain on the patience of employees, who are often used as search assistants. "You can be the most annoying people in the world," says Katherine. "Other collectors, hot wheel collectors, are not that bad. [Funko] Collectors know the item number when the truck arrives. You have your own reddit. They know how we work and work. They can be personally hostile.

Collectors hoping that a Funko show lurks in the storeroom are generally out of luck. "We do not usually have it in the background, because they are sold out very quickly. Some Funko collectors are fine, but once, at eight in the morning, someone spent the whole day waiting for Funko to be unpacked. He asked four team members. He wanted like a special edition Shining Funko. (Another employee finally found it.)

7. No, Target employees do not hide from you.

As with any inventory system, Target's website and its internal inventory database can never be exactly right. If the computer indicates that an item exists and can not be found, Michael says that some customers assume that the team member is deceiving. "Many guests think we literally have every item in the back room," he says. "On our devices, we may have an X amount of an item in stock … in fact, it takes a while for an update to be made when it's sold. This number could also mean someone is in the shopping cart, being randomly thrown, or being stolen by visiting services waiting to be sorted. They're throwing a fit all the time, accusing us [of] of hiding him or some other crazy accusation. "

. 8 Target has its own forensic labs.

Like most retail stores, Target also seeks to limit shoplifting losses. The company even has two forensic laboratories based in Las Vegas and Minneapolis to analyze security materials and collect evidence of criminal activity. However, employees are not expected to intervene on the sales floor as this may potentially lead to physical confrontation or liability. Instead, they usually only need to contact and monitor the asset protection teams. "One lady last summer stole a pile of clothes," Katherine says. "They took her to the police station and she had a shirt stuffed in her butt. They asked if we wanted it back or not, no. "

. 9 They have an inconspicuous uniform, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

Target's "uniform" is relatively uncomplicated: a red shirt with khakis. (Although it varies somewhat by business and some locations allow team members to wear jeans on certain occasions.) Since this is not necessarily proprietary, Katherine says customers can sometimes be confused with employees. "You see that people dress like the target workers and therefore go to the people," she says. Katherine's shop has not yet gone to jeans, which she complains: "The khakis can be uncomfortable."

10th Target employees have their own language – and they fear the Clop of .

Target workers have their own national language. Wide lines of sight and wide aisles populate a racecourse or a main path that circles the shops. Reshop is a commodity that is out of place; Zoning refers to ensuring that article labels point to shelves on shelves. Adam says the team members also refer to the Clopen of a work shift that may be the least desirable of all. "I would [like to] get rid of the Clops," he says, "a closing shift and then an opening shift the next day."

. 11 Target employees appreciate the benefits.

Working at Target is not a picnic. With the company's commitment to exceptional customer service, team members can not simply call their work and expect them to stick with it. This requirement sometimes breaks beginners. "In general, the turnover is high," says Katherine. "People are intimidated by Target. When you start for the first time, you have to learn a lot to learn concepts. Sometimes people start and never come back the next day. "

If they last, this could be one of the better experiences in retailing." It's probably the best job I've ever had, "Katherine says, citing her circle of team members who are also her friends, and the employees have also given a 10 percent discount, flexible working hours and breaks as other benefits that the Make work at Target a plus.

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