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11 secrets of the restaurant server

At the beginning of each year, people pour into the gymnasium to finally tackle their New Year resolutions to get in shape, be healthier, and / or achieve the six-pack of their dreams. For some, this means they need to hire a personal trainer who can give them the personal care they need to reach their fitness goals. But personal trainers not only take care of your pushups and ask you to do more repetitions: they talk to you about your eating and sleeping habits, sometimes you see how you cry and may even get an invitation to your wedding. Here are a few insider secrets personal trainers have shared with Mental Floss about their jobs.

. 1 Personal trainers really do not like it when you're late.

Some of the trainers Mental Floss spoke with said that their biggest pet would be when clients appear late for their session. After all, the coach has created a plan for the training, and it is frustrating to have to adjust this plan to accommodate the shorter training.

"You're wasting your money somehow," says Ackeem Emmons, a personal trainer who started his career at Equinox, later started his own training business and now works with Aaptiv, an audio-based training app. "It's so funny because [clients] they think they beat me up ̵

1; if you just change your clothes."

. 2 Your hours are not as flexible as you think.

"They tell you [that] that you can make your own lessons," explains Emmons. "It's a lie, I get up at 4 or 5 every day because people want to work either before work or after work." That means hectic morning and evening hours and inevitable downtime for trainers in the afternoon.

3. The salary for personal trainers varies greatly …

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of fitness trainers and coaches in the US is just over $ 39,000 a year or around $ 18.85 an hour, but that's only the median: the pay can be quite different depending on the location (in California, the average fitness wage is more like $ 50,000), clientele (celebrity coaches can claim several hundred dollars an hour), facility (trainer with a private employee) As a rule, the gym does more than someone who works in a local recreation center and certification levels.

4. … and also the Qualifika

There are many certifications that can increase earning power and increase the potential customer base of a trainer. Organizations such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) provide training manuals and certifications designed to ensure that anyone who considers themselves a personal trainer Safe is well-versed in the functioning of the body, nutrition and injury prevention. In addition to general sports certifications, there are special courses for various exercise techniques, such. For example, the use of dumbbells, and for the training of specific populations such as people with chronic diseases or disabilities.

Some certifications are stricter than others and some gyms are more rigorous than others about the exact certifications their trainers possess, but in general, most trainers are always working on new certifications to expand their knowledge. "I do it at least every few months, just to learn something new," says Emmons.

. 5 Personal trainers know when to bring your A-game.

Trainers can recognize when you're not completely focused on your training, and they can interrupt the session to find out why. "They need to find out why they are busy elsewhere," explains Karyn Toffolo, a trainer who conducts nutrition and fitness coaching at Happy Belly Strong and works in several gyms in the New York City area. Solving this mental puzzle may be more important in the long run than "kicking your ass and giving them this hard workout."

Sometimes the reason someone is distracted, but much easier People come drunk before, "says Toffolo. One can only say that they are not careful. I sent the people home.

6 Many customers come up with unrealistic expectations.

"Many people come in and say this actor gained 20 kilos of muscle in three months and I want the same result," says co-owner Sean Collins and head powerlifting coach of the Mord of Crows Barbell Club in Brooklyn for the vast majority of the population within reach – certainly not without performance-enhancing drugs – and he must be the one to explain that. As Emmons puts it, "I am a coach, not a sorcerer."

You also receive many very stereotyped requests. "Men want huge arms, a big breast and six-pack abdominal muscles. And they need it until the 14th because they're going on vacation in two weeks, "says Emmons. "And women always want the triceps, the glutes, the inner thighs and a six-pack – that's always the main thing."

. 7 Personal trainers also want to know something about your diet.

Although most personal trainers are not nutritionists (Toffolo is an exception), it is still a big part of most fitness plans when they help their customers to eat properly. Coastal fitness expert offering private training, group lessons, boot camps and virtual training, and as a celebrity coach at E! Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian occurs. "I make sure they have some sort of higher protein / carbohydrate fuel before training," she says, because her body needs that fuel for performance.

Some of the training courses are just the basics. Stone says her customers often ask things like, "Shall I make keto, should I fast, should I make Paleo?" I'm worried, we're not worried about it until you even know what a vegetable is. "(Stone is currently helping launch a new series of milk-based milk shakes, the so-called high-protein core power shakes, so she recommends them for a post-workout snack.)

" Many people come with misunderstandings about this Food – as if someone came in and said, "I have not eaten carbohydrate for four weeks," says Collins. "An important part of increasing muscle mass is increasing carbohydrate consumption, sometimes they think fat makes you fat 'Too much protein would kill you, or too many carbohydrates would lead you to diabetes.' Part of a personal trainer's job is to help clients educate the role of food in their lives, which does not just mean that People should not eat five slices of pizza in a row, but about what they eat, when they eat, and how this affects their training acts.

8. If they do not ask for further sessions, it's probably because they do not want to.

Not every relationship between clients and coaches works, and sometimes coaches prefer to let certain customers go. (Customers who are constantly flaky or complaining during their sessions may not be reclaimed.) Of course, they try to be diplomatic. "I would not say I fired her," Toffolo says of some former clients, "because they pay me for meetings." But if she does not like working with a client, when it's time to schedule an appointment and pay for a new set of sessions, "I just will not ask if they want to be renewed."

However, it's not always personal , Toffolo works as a trainer in gyms like Brooklyn Boulders and Drive 495, and she occasionally passes her clients on to another trainer in the facility who may be more likely to achieve her goals. For example, if someone rehabilitates an injury, they will be more likely to refer to a colleague with experience in physiotherapy.

. 9 Sometimes their sessions are tears.

Stone says a number of her customers cry at some point during her workout with her. "Much of my program is to make people mentally and emotionally healthy before I can get them to do what I physically want," she explains. Occasionally that means tears – but "no sad tears. It is like the realization of tears. It's like finding your soul tears again. "

Collins also occasionally tears. "In powerlifting, you can train three to four months for a particular competition," he says. When people feel that they have missed their goals, it becomes emotional. "I had to deal a lot of tears," he explains. "Every fitness professional has to have a high level of empathy. I think the best out there are the ones who can fully understand why this is so annoying to an individual. "

10th Personal trainers can get very close to their customers.

Personal training involves sharing many of the more intimate details about your life, such as your diet, weight goals, sleep routine, and more, and as a result, trainers build strong relationships with many of their clients. Sometimes "it can be more of a therapy session" than a training session, says Toffolo. (It can happen if the coach likes it or not – "I've definitely shared a lot more people than I wanted," she adds.)

But Toffolo sees the client-coach relationship as more of a friendship as a direct business relationship. She has been training clients for years and has even been invited to some of her weddings. "It's just nice to have that kind of relationship with someone. Time passes faster. "

. 11 You do not need a large room to work …

Toffolo makes home visits, and although some condos and apartment buildings have high-end gyms, they do not need much room to work. "I can use a room as small as a closet," she says. "I can manipulate [the program] to work in any environment in which I am." These include movements such as operating benches, sprinting stairs, and other movements that use the customer's own weight as resistance.

12 … Or unusual equipment.

Stone says if there are some basic exercises she recommends to everyone, there are squats, pushups and crunches – all you do not need to do a gym. "They are there forever because they work," she says. "I'm always like & # 39; get the basics before throwing a medicine ball."

. 13 Personal trainers work with many future brides.

Many Personal Trainers Have a Range of Customers Anyone who seeks or wants to keep fit or stay for the wedding day, Stone and Toffolo say they already have customers weeks or months before their wedding. "I had a lot of brides this summer," says Toffolo, whose goal was to "make sure they look good as they walk down the aisle."

While it may seem unrealistic to hope for dramatic change just months before an event, with the right dedication, some pre-wedding workouts can deliver impressive results. "I just had someone who lost 30 pounds to me in seven months," says Stone. "She looks amazing, she was very inspiring."

fourteenth Yes, they heard you farted. 19659003] Every human being is human, and inevitably a client slips a fart during a workout. "It happens," says Toffolo. Most of my clients are pretty close now, so I just laugh it out.

15. Not all of you appreciate your resolution for the New Year.

"New Year's decision makers, they are a bit of my darling," says Toffolo. "They may spend a month taking up a lot of gym space "But we're not usually earmarked for the rest of the year." We're making good money around this time of year, but in general, the New Year Reductions are easing in February. "

16. Personal coaches also need to fit into their own training.

Personal trainers spend a lot of time in the gym, but training others to exercise and watch is not the same as training, and Emmons says, "Not every personal trainer is in shape, the way you train other people, you have to train yourself. "

For Collins, it's actually harder for him to keep up with his own training." To open a gym and coaching people was the worst thing I've ever done for my own athletic efforts, "he says. "There is so much to do what you need to do as an entrepreneur and trainer, and there are so many things you need to do outside the client's working hours." These include scheduling meetings, sending e-mails to customers and creating new programs. So he simply does not have the time to focus on his own fitness goals.

But how much time a coach applies for his own fitness depends on what he trains. While Collins does not train much to train powerlifters, Stone teaches classes at Flywheel, which specializes in indoor cycling. Although she may not scold and bluff as much as her students, she trains while she teaches. "When I train, I can talk because I have a high level of fitness," she explains. "They work with me, so they actually see that I do what I tell them five days a week."

And although personal trainers love fitness, motivation can be as great a problem for them as it is for her. "I'm just like everyone else," Emmons explains. "I do not want to work out every day – sometimes I just want to relax and catch up with my Netflix shows." But he still has to go to the gym because it's his job.

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