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11 films that cost less than US $ 400 at the US box office

When it comes to Hollywood's biggest blockbuster, the final numbers for such movie stinkers usually range from seven to eight digits. But John Travolta's latest film – The Fanatic directed by Fred Durst – will be lucky if he does that much at all. Experts are wondering if the film, which has been described as the biggest failure in Travolta's career (spending less than US $ 10 on some of the 52 cinemas it runs), will even surpass the $ 15,000 mark.

Although it is the most spectacular studio mistakes that seem to bear the brunt of financial contempt, there is also a legion of films that had so little influence on the box office in that they were hardly considered worth mentioning. Here are 1

1 of them.

. 1 Zyzzyx Road (2006) // Gross: $ 30

If the title of this movie looks like a typo (it's ZYE-zix, by the way), it was not enough of a turnoff slogan – "Dead Ahead" – should have served as a forerunner of the box office hit, which would happen sometime. To be fair, the thriller starring Tom Sizemore and Katherine Heigl starred in one theater (the Highland Park Village Theater in Dallas). But it played a whole week in this theater! By the end of his run, six people had seen him for a total of $ 30 in ticket sales, making him the lowest-paid movie ever (yes, even today). This dubious award became an integral part of the marketing plan when the title was acquired by GoDigital for distribution in 2012, when the company's marketing director The Hollywood Reporter stated, "I am confident that we have more than 30 US -Dollar will earn. "

. 2 Strorage 24 (2013) // Gross: $ 72

While cash analysts pointed to The Lone Ranger as the biggest bomb in 2013, Johannes Roberts – was author and director of British Science fi flick Storage 24 – would have been happy with just a fraction of the ticket sales of this big-budget clunker. Damn, he would have been happy to crack the $ 100 mark. However, the cards for this streak, which – like Zyzzyx Road – played in a theater for a week – did not contain three-digit numbers. "You take the film for what it is; We did not have any money, "co-writer / star Noel Clarke told IndieWire. "And we were ambitious."

3. Dog Eat Dog (2009) // Gross: $ 80

After receiving numerous awards and nominations at film festivals and other major industry events around the world, including a nomination for the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize Sundance – You'd think that Carlos Moreno's Colombian crime drama Dog Eat Dog would have the legs to make a movie release for a single movie theater. And you would be wrong.

. 4 The Objective (2009) // Gross: $ 95

Since co-directed The Blair Witch Project – the indie film whose success try to repeat all other indie films – in 1999 Daniel Myrick has held back relatively and made only a few other films. But in March 2009, IFC Films gave this science fiction film a limited release. Very limited . It spent a week in just one theater in New York, where it earned a total of $ 95. But here's some conflicting information: while sources such as Box Office Mojo cite this as the only box office entry, IMDb's stats show that it brought in just over $ 2 million when it was released in LA a month later.

5. The ghastly love of Johnny X. (2012) // Gross: $ 117

"Awful" says it all. This 1950s-inspired sci-fi musical starring Creed Bratton (aka Creed from The Office ) may have won five awards at the American Film Festival, but it only has managed to save $ 117 during the week it was in October 2012 in a single theater in Kansas City, Kansas to see. Maybe because it had been shown less than three weeks ago at the Kansas International Film Festival? In the spring of 2013, Johnny tried again and sacked the movie in six cinemas within four weeks. While it managed to break the $ 1,000 mark in revenue when it was shown in two LA cinemas (more specifically, $ 1356), its total circulation was only $ 2,436 from its estimated budget of $ 2 million Dollars.

. 6 Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1998) // Gross: $ 211

The Yugoslav Film of 1996 Pretty Village, Pretty Flame proves that successful films do not necessarily translate from continent to continent Need to become . While it received many positive reviews from American film critics, Pretty Village, Pretty Flame only managed a $ 211 business on January 16, 1998, with a weeklong release. A far from the almost 800,000 moviegoers who have captured it in Serbia (that was almost 10 percent of the country's total population at that time).

. 7 Play (2012) // Gross: $ 264

It's one thing when a movie about relatives playing in a theater crashes and burns at the box office. It's another thing when the lowest earning movie in a year has a recognizable name. Okay, so it's Christian Slater. But even before Mr. Robot people knew who he was, right? Apparently not enough to earn this The Ring rip – which cost $ 7.5 million – even though the one-theater performance cost well-rounded $ 300. Oh, and we should mention that the first $ 252 was made on the opening weekend, which means it only earned $ 12 the following week.

. 8 Intervention (2007) // Gross: 279 USD

A theater. 3 days. $ 279 in 2007. That's pretty much the entire cinematic history of Mary McGuckian's addiction story, which earned the director of the 2007 San Diego Film Festival a Best Feature Film Award and a Best Actress Award for Jennifer Tilly, an enormous cast, to which Andie MacDowell, Colm Feore, Rupert Graves, Charles Dance and the earlier Baywatch babe Donna D & # 39; Errico belong.

. 9 Trojan War (1997) // Gross: $ 309

Two years after becoming a regular at Party of Five Jennifer Love-Hewitt starred in this Rome Com-Turkey's lead role could be roughly viewed as a teenage version of Martin Scorsese's Afterhours : Will Friedle's Child ( Boy Meets World ) is beaten, robbed and looking for a condom arrested so he can score with his dream wife (played by Marley Shelton). No, not even the huge American number of hormonal teenagers could prevent Warner Bros.'s $ 15 million production from being pulled out of their movie theater less than a week after their arrival.

10th The Marsh (2007) // Gross: $ 336

Less than a month after being crowned The Last King of Scotland, Forest, an Oscar for best actor for his Whitaker made news in a different way when the supernatural thriller in which he co-starred with Gabrielle Anwar was released in a theater for three days, earning less than 0.005 percent of his $ 7 million budget , Under the motto of the film was: "You can bury the past, but sometimes the past is not buried …"

11. Apartment 143 (2012) // Gross: $ 383

The financial failure of this Mexican horror film is certainly not due to bad marketing material. The US distributor Magnolia Pictures was even awarded the Golden Trailer Award for Best Horror Poster. The film currently has a 17 percent rating for rotten tomatoes (though 22 percent of the audience liked it).

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