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10 Wild Adventures of Texas Man

Texas is the second largest state in America and even gained its independence and became a republic in the 19th century. It's so big that it has its own unique culture and people really enjoy doing it their own way. We've talked about Florida Man (and Florida Woman) in the past, but the Sunshine State is not the only place where bizarre Shenanigans are at home. Today at Top Tenz, here are 10 wild and crazy adventures of Texas Man …

10th Texas Man Gives Petco

Petco, the American pet supply chain, has a policy that allows you to bring your furry friend to the store as long as you keep him on a leash. For most people, they are just happy that their dog can go somewhere next to the vet and the park. But as the saying goes, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

A man and a woman named Shelly Lumpkin and Vincent Browning run a rodeo, so their "pets" are not traditional. After seeing the shop's guidelines, they thought it would be fun to put a leash around their neck with their Ankole Watusi. Of course, the store has never set a size or weight limit for the animals left through their doors. For the context, an ox is an average of 1,600 pounds. To their surprise, the Petco employees actually agreed and posed happily for photos with the ox. Now is only time, whether people start to ride their horses through the corridors or take their cows for a grooming.

9. Texas Talks About "Just A Few Snakes"

There is a known prejudice that people in Texas and other western states wear cowboy boots. However, this is not just a fashion statement. The thick leather protects people's feet and ankles from venomous snake bites. In March 2019 when a homeowner in Albany, Texas, ran into his basement room, he was not too surprised when he discovered only a few rattlesnakes under the floorboards.

He called a company called Big Country Snake Removal to help him get rid of them. When they arrived, they discovered that "only a few" were 45 Rattlesnakes . Well, for anyone who is afraid of snakes, you probably imagine this scene from Indiana Jones where a whole pit is full of them and you are not far away. If you're curious about what it really looked like to descend into this pit of desperation, the company has the entire video on removing the 45 snakes on on their Facebook page .

published. 8 Texas Man Sues Woman on Bad Date

Pretty much everyone had at least one truly terrible dating experience. But it's one thing to decide never to call that person again, and it's quite another matter to sue someone for it. In 2017, a 37-year-old Texas man named Brandon Vezmar was present with a woman named Crystal Cruz for the first time. He took her to G Lands of the Galaxy 2 . Cruz sent a friend by SMS and Vezmar asked her to stop. He told her, "If you need a text during the movie, you should go outside." So … she did it. And then she did not come back. Apparently, Vezmar did not think that through, because Cruz was the one who drove them both to the theater and left him without a passenger.

He wrote to her that he had been sued for $ 17.31 which he spent on the movie tickets. Later, he told the press "Their behavior is a threat to civilized society." Both were interviewed in Inside Edition . Cruz said she wrote a text message to her friend because she met Vezmar online, and she immediately got "crazy guy" vibes from him as soon as they met in person. Her friend was about to ask if she was okay. She did not want her to be worried, she answered immediately, instead of waiting for the two hours to watch the movie. However, it seems that her intuition was right, and she returned exactly $ 17.31 while the cameras were watching. He even took the time to count the change. Needless to say, there was no second date.

7. Texas One finds a surprise after falling into an abandoned house to smoke Week

Marijuana is still illegal in the state of Texas. For anyone who wants to smoke, he must do so discreetly. In February 2019, a Texas man decided to enter an abandoned house to smoke his joint, but soon realized that he was not the only one trying to hide something in the building. A tiger sat in a big cage in the house. At first he thought his dealer was struggling with something much stronger and that he was hallucinating. But in fact, somebody really hid the exotic animal.

When he realized that he was not stumbling, the man called an anonymous phone call to the police. Animal inspection came, and they removed the tiger from the house . Apparently the tiger had been well nourished, so at least the one he owned took care of it. The animal was provided with water and medical care and taken to a wildlife sanctuary.

6. Texas Man Paint His House in Pink

In Texas, a house is considered so sacred that it invented the castle doctrine . " This means you can get away with murder if you shoot someone who breaks into your house. So you would think people would respect that whatever you want to do with your house, it's up to you. Well, that is, unless they decide to paint it in a girlish color.

In March 2019, a man named Emilio Rodriguez decided to paint his entire house in bright pink. But he did not stop at the siding. He painted every square inch, including the roof and gutters, making it look like a cheap Chinese dump of the Barbie Dream House.

The neighbors were so angry that they demanded to change the color. However, since there is no homeowners association in their neighborhood, they had no way to stop him. And of course we only hear about his story because they were so angry that they contacted the local news. When Rodriguez was asked about his motivation behind his attack on everyone's retina, Rodriguez simply replied that pink was his favorite color.

. 5 Service Monkeys of Texas Making Chaos

Service animals are designed to help people with disabilities get a free pass to take their pets to public places they would normally never be allowed to. You are probably already familiar with the concept of a blind man with a seeing eye dog, and those with notes from doctors and specially trained animals are really the only ones officially approved under the US Disability Act. In the United States, however, people have used the concept of a "service animal" as an excuse to publicize their pets whenever they want to. For example, a woman attempted to put her " peacock " "on a plane, claiming that this would calm her anxiety. But that's a story for another day.

In 2015, a Texas man publicly carried his pet monkey Louie . Louie wore a little blue T-shirt and a diaper and Texas Man treated the monkey like his baby. The owner brought the monkey to the bench, but the wild animal climbed down from his shoulder and began to bite the unsuspecting employee. The man quickly left the bank without apologizing. The police found him, of course, and he claimed he had the right to take Louie to where he wanted it as a "support animal." The monkey was controlled by animals to undergo a 30-day quarantine, as he was never properly vaccinated.

4. Texas Receiving Instant Karma

The Next Texas Man deserves a Honorable Mention as a Darwin Award Candidate. One night in August 2018 a man threw an ax on a moving train. But instead of rushing it through a window and killing someone, it bounced back and immediately struck him in the head, knocking him unconscious. The man survived with minor injuries, but he could have just as easily stuck the ax in the skull.

The conductor heard the "beating" and stopped the train because he thought he had hit someone on the tracks. When the police arrived, they could arrest the man who threw the ax. He tried to argue that he had not tried to put it on the train, and that he just swung it around in the middle of the night just as the train passed. Riiiiight …

He was taken to the hospital where he had to undergo a mental examination.

3. Texas Man Performs His Master Plan

If you see a bank robbery in the movies, there is usually a sophisticated plan in which thieves wear disguises that cover their faces, followed by an escapee who brings them to safety. But in December 2018, an 18-year-old Texas man named Luca Mangiarano decided that he did not need all of this to cope with his own master plan. He held up the BBVA Compass Bank – without wearing a mask – and handed the cashier a rather polite note that read: " This is a robbery. Please give me all your 100s and 50s in an envelope and everything will be fine.

Instead of getting into a car, he hired a Jump Scooter as an escape vehicle. If you are unfamiliar, these are electric scooters that people use to travel in a city, and they park where they want, just waiting for the next person to pay them for the rent. Obviously, Mangiarano did not think this through, because the company had GPS trackers on all scooters. They were able to trace the route of the scooter back to his homeland.

2. Texas You Misappropriate Advertising

If you live in the US, you've probably heard of a fitness franchise called 24-Hour Fitness. As you might imagine, it is a gym where you can train anytime, day or night. But apparently, some locations are not open around the clock, and a Texas Man had to figure out the hard way. On January 22, 2019, a man named Jonathan Santos went to 24-hour fitness in Spring, Texas. Santos was in the locker room and was about to leave when he saw an employee entering the gym. The clerk confirmed his presence … but he still closed the shop and locked up Santos.

That could have meant a lot like the movie Night at the Museum but instead of locking in with historical figures, watch TV while you make a makeshift bed out of the yoga mats. In fact, Santos was able to call another 24-hour fitness facility on his cell phone, which was open 24 hours and they sent the agent back to open the door.

1. Texas Woman goes on her average Walmart Run

. Last but not least, we've given you a little twist by writing about Texas Woman instead, because this next story really does make a place on the list.

In January 2019, a Texas woman drove an electric scooter around the Walmart parking lot. That would not be so strange in itself, except that she was caught drinking wine from a pringles tin. If you wondered, you could pretty much put a whole bottle of wine into one of those cans, so she was absolutely wasted. The staff had to call the police as the woman rode around the parking lot at 6:30. At 9 in the morning the police arrived and she was finally excluded from the Walmart kick. It became viral after this was reported by the media – so much so that people started making their own Pringles canning cellars to channel their inner Texas wife.

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