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10 ways a kitchen can hurt you more than one torture chamber

It is no accident that Steven Seagal was a cook in the film Under Siege. Nor can it be that in Oz, the memorable brutal first outing for HBO in the fictional Oswald Penitentiary, the kitchen was the most coveted order for the opportunistic convicts. It's not just the extra food that attracts the military or the criminals.

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All weapons, knives, explosives, bats and poisons have the disadvantage that they are in possession of a deliberate jury. A well-stocked kitchen, on the other hand, will look good for you. Can you imagine Martha Stewart going to jail?

Of course, you can cut your fingers with a sharp (or blunt) knife, drop a cutting board on your foot, or one of the many possible injuries to a variety of slapstick-type mishaps. Here, however, we're going to look at some things that you may know and that you simply don't pay enough attention to, and some things that you wouldn't have thought of in a hundred years.

So just be aware of these things and keep them safe with you and your loved ones / coworkers / colleagues. Life-changing and life-long accidents are possible in every kitchen. So stay alert. Some of them are minor painful injuries, others are permanent.


Chopped chili peppers leave paste, liquid and oil. There are hundreds of types and starches of chili peppers. Starting with the Jalapeno (approx. 10,000 SHU Scoville-Heat units) to the Carolina Reaper (approx. 2 million SHU units). They can also come in many forms. They can be dried, powdered, whole, pastes and seeds. All of them cause serious problems if they get into a sensitive part of the body. Most of all, they all cause temporary blindness and excruciating eye pain. If you have touched any of them, wash your hands thoroughly. Use a high quality detergent for more effective cleaning. Then it is advisable to rinse with milk, although this is not particularly practical. The other choice does not concern anything that is almost impossible. All you have to do is scratch the inside of your nose, and you might stick a Q-Tip soaked in yogurt!

9 Sea bass fins

Are you a fish fan? If so, look for bass with whole fish. The fins at the tip of the European sea bass are razor-sharp with eight to nine prickly rays on the front (back) fin. Not only that, there is an oil that is painful when it gets cut. If you go to a fish market or fishmonger, you will see the thickness of the gloves they use. There is a very good reason for this. Particularly tricky with basses when the front fin folds down. So if you pick it up and it's flattened, it's fine. Then you pick it up from the other side and … OWWWW! Not a mistake you will make twice.

8 Moka coffee pot

The heat emitted by a Moka pot is immense. The coffee / water is heated to 205 degrees and the jug itself is then a dangerous object. If the base came into contact with the skin, it would burn the flesh and cause excruciating pain. It would also almost guarantee that it is infected, a gaping, wide burn of about 4 inches, if not treated immediately, could be a real problem. It was usually exposed to constant high heat on a metal surface for about ten minutes. Dip a freshly made moka pot into a bowl of water, watch the reaction, and imagine it on your skin. Not an injury anyone wants.

To make matters worse, many people consider these devices dangerous and could explode. When the failure to push the floor down has occurred, the pressure the pot generates is often insufficient to push the compressed floor itself with a drain valve. This can cause an explosion if hot liquid and hot metal get into the pipeline. Um, be careful.

7 Rizinus / Ricin

How many will remember the daring vengeance to poison a brutal drug lord in the television series Breaking Bad, one of the deadliest poisons, on the planet is ricin. A plant that can be found in tropical locations around the world. Exceptionally fatal because of its innocent source. The castor bean. One product became castor oil. A widely useful product that has been used for centuries for birth health and for medical, cosmetic, nutritional and industrial purposes. However, the seeds used to make the oil can be fatal. The beans have thick skin when eaten and can harmlessly pass through the digestive system if swallowed. However, if chewed, the deadly poison ricin can be released by chewing. To play with nothing. No pranks, no experiments. You could end up dead or in prison.

6 Oven grate

A heated grill or grate causes excruciating burns, which are likely to lead to infection due to food residues penetrating the meat. Especially if it has traces of garlic. Garlic gets caught in a cut or burns, and its film-like residue means that rinsing the burn under cold water will only provide relief during the process. Honey is said to help. That's okay, but it's still excruciating and happens in a matter of seconds. If you are in the middle of a cooking project, you may have guests or, worse, you will be paid to cook, and you will now have to do it with a relentless sting that continues to pound and the heat from continued kitchen services is a catalyst for which is already considerable discomfort. Use oven gloves! That is all it takes.

5 Hot Cooking Oil

This is obvious and a breeze. Nevertheless, it is by no means to be scanned to be complacent. If you've fried something, especially if you don't have a brother and did it in a pan or wok, you have an unsecured amount of skin-melting oil. An accident that can cause life-changing injuries to a child or pet. Always keep it away from a tipping point and dispose of it safely. Many professional kitchens insist on cooling, transporting and safely disposing of oil. However, this can lead to serious injuries. It could still be very hot, or it could spill, which could cause others to slip. These others could also carry hot products. Statistics show that these accidents are still happening. Anyone who is in an environment should take this as a warning, never to handle the storage and disposal of hot oil easily. Two out of three of the most common causes of accidents in the kitchen are accidents that can be caused by oil (slips and burns).

4 Fish teeth

Different fish have sharp teeth. Fish available from any reputable dealer. Care should be taken when unused parts and pieces of the fish are removed from the packaging, stored and disposed of. Although everyone knows that they are safe, they do not know that sharpness is the only way to cause danger and pain. Many fish have teeth, fins, and skin impregnated with an anticoagulant that causes heavy bleeding. Examples are fish such as pike and barracuda and some hake as well as the lamprey. It is unlikely to be of concern to a healthy person, but taking blood thinners or suffering from blood-based diseases can cause problems. A fact to remember when whole fish is a special favorite of yours. It should also be remembered that the lamprey is the only fish that can be said to have been a suspect in the killing of a ruling European monarch and was the result of much violence and bloodshed. While it is not guaranteed, it was written that the death of King Henry I of England in 1135 was caused by the lamprey devouring, which his doctor has warned of. This is by no means uncontested, but was reported by a historian from the 12th century. Unfortunately, the British monarchy did not listen and is said to have drunk over the centuries from the rather unsightly delicacy.

3 Lima beans

Another entry for beans & legumes. This can be the case with many other types, but it is especially the butter bean (also known as lima bean). The beans contain raw cyanide, a well-known poison that is present as part of the bean's defense mechanism. Boil them first and drain the water, you'll be fine. If in doubt, throw it out. Always be careful when using a ceramic slow cooker when using beans. Kidney beans, for example, can cause poisoning from lectin. When you cook fresh beans, always go to Google to find out how to cook them safely. The poisons ingested in such situations are not only dangerous, but also painful and sometimes fatal.

2 Pets

Many hidden dangers do not cause suffering for a person and are nothing more than a tasty addition to a delicious meal. However, vigilance is a must for your happy hound or main moggy. Grapes, chocolates, onions, chives, macadamia nuts and leeks have been reported to cause accidental poisoning of pets. This list is incomplete. We all love our pets, but we have to be aware that if we let them sniff through the trash can, it can go from sweet and funny to tragic and final.

1 Food poisoning from meat

Especially when more than one of you is cooking. A chicken that has just been fried is left on a plate before you chop it. Then you take the meat off and push the plate aside. There is no visible evidence that there was anything on this plate. After all, Salmonella are not color-coded. When you're done, put your portion on a clean plate. Boiled meat on raw meat juices. I would rather burn or cut myself or even slip than a week of salmonella. I can almost finish you, that can finish you. Never risk it. If you think contamination is possible, throw the whole thing away and make a sandwich, no matter how long you've spent with it. Three days in hell of food poisoning will be enough time to wish you didn't dare.

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