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10 uplifting stories to bring you through the week (4/14/19)

If you're a bit run down the rest of the week, maybe you can cheer up this list. Here we only talk about stories that are positive, amusing or inspiring. In Saturday's offbeat list, you can take a look at some of the weirdest news headlines, among others.

This time we learn some inspiring people, both humans and animals, who do not allow their disabilities define them. There is also a pooch traveling alone through Ireland, an amazing discovery on the ocean floor and the chance to have an unforgettable night with the Mona Lisa .

10 Hamish's Wild To Spend Ride

Hamish, the dog, was reunited with his family after a solo train ride through Ireland by Irish Rail employees.

Last Wednesday, commuters traveling from Sallins to Dublin informed staff that a single dog had boarded the train. Unable to find his owner, they picked up the friendly puppy and called him Hamish.

Initially, the dog spent his time in the office, with various employees of the Irish Rail taking turns to take care of him and feed him their packaged sandwiches. Colleague Ted Maher then took him to My Lovely Horse Rescue, a horse farm where he volunteers. [1] In the meantime, he also turned to social media to find out if they could find the dog's family.

Maher was successful a few days later. Hamish, real name Tyson, was united with its owners and its sister Pebbles. He was also provided with a microchip to make it easier to find if he returns to a solo adventure.

9 Riding In Style

A hospital in Modesto, California, has found an interesting way to relieve the anxiety of having to undergo surgery: drive into toy racing cars.

The medical center has recently acquired a black miniature Mercedes and a pink VW Beetle so that its young patients can stylishly enter the operation. The goal is to "reduce anxiety and stress and make the experience less scary for all concerned". [2] So far, the sweet rides have not only had a calming effect on the children, but also on their parents. [19659002] The initiative was the idea of ​​the nurse Kimberly Martinez. The hospital bought the Mercedes, while the beetle was a donation from an employee and his family. Both cars have opening doors, work lights and dashboard lights and are equipped with a stereo and an MP3 player.

8 The unintentional car thief

A Canadian man tries to find the owner of a car he mistakenly found. Stolen over two decades ago to apologize.

Already in 1998 Kevin Freedman was a lifeguard for teens and swimming instructors in Winnipeg, Manitoba. On a hot August day he had to drive downtown to pay for a parking ticket. However, his own car was in the store, and a colleague let him borrow her car. It was a white Ford Taurus, an ordinary car at the time. Freedman went out to the parking lot, found a white Ford Taurus with locked doors, and climbed inside. Although he had some difficulties, Freedman finally started the car and drove off.

He went to the police station and took care of the ticket. When Freedman tried to leave, he could not unlock the door. A temporary police officer helped him because he had the same vehicle. Again, the lifeguard tried to get the engine running, but he admitted it was his own incompetence. He drove back to work and parked the car at the same spot.

It was not until the next day that Freedman discovered that he had inadvertently stolen another's Ford Taurus. [3] When the police arrived and discovered the car In the same place, without damage and nothing stolen, they may have assumed that someone took it for a bike ride. Maybe they thought the owner was lying. After 21 years, Freedman tries to find this person and apologize and find their own side of the story.

7 Granit Heart with Iron Will

A chicken with only one good leg learns to walk for the first time after being equipped with a special wheelchair.

Granite Heart is a bantam born with a tendon disease in one leg. As a result, she could only move with jumps or short distances. To make matters worse, she was attacked by a weasel last year. The brave bird managed to fend off the predator, but had serious injuries.

Her story reached Walkin 'Pets, a New Hampshire-based organization that manufactures walking aids for dogs and other pets with disabilities. They had never made such a device for a chicken before, but decided to give it a try. That's how the Walkin-Wheels Chicken Wheelchair came into being. [4] It is designed to fit comfortably in Granite Heart, and now the bird can stand up alone for the first time in its life. Walkin & # 39; Pets plans to work on the device until it has a perfect design that can be used on other chickens in the future.

6 Magic In The Ocean

An amazing video of an optical illusion with hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor admired even experienced scientists with awe.

An expedition from the Schmidt Ocean Institute sent a robotic dive boat called SuBastian to explore the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California. Two thousand feet below the sea, it examined a 30 meter high hydrothermal vent called the "Great Pagoda" and recorded an optical illusion caused by the intense heat.

At first glance, it seems that the underside of a rocky overhang, called a flange, has a perfectly smooth and flat surface that is so reflective that it looks like a mirror. However, an angle change disappeared and the glossy, smooth surface disappeared, leaving behind a dark, hollow arc of sparkling minerals. [5]

The vanishing mirror may be a magic trick, but this is due to the heat generated by hydrothermal openings. The water in this region can reach 366 degrees Celsius without cooking. Most of it rises and mixes with the rest of the seawater, but part of it fills in the concave bottoms of the flanges. The temperature difference between the hot liquid in these areas compared to the cool water around them is so great that light slows down and a mirror-smooth surface is formed.

As for the tiny specks that sparkled in the dark concavity, scientists believe they are minerals like pyrite or pyrrhotite, but they will not be sure until they examine a sample in the lab.

5 Food For Fines [19659032] This week was National Library Week in the United States, and this year's theme was "Libraries = Strong Communities." Also back is the annual Food for Fines program, which allows library users to pay overdue fees with the donated canned goods to local food banks.

The libraries participating in this initiative accept unopened, non-perishable menus instead of cash payments. Typically, one item means fines of $ 1, and some libraries even accept pet food that is donated to animal shelters. [6]

Numerous Libraries across the Country Participate in Food for Fine Program Some of them only participated in National Library Week, but the remainder will still accept food donations by the end of the month.

4 Slumber party in the Louvre

The Louvre gives art lovers the chance of a unique experience: spend the night in the museum.

The Louvre is one of the most popular museums in the world. Millions of tourists visit the historic institution every year. Sure, many of them flock to see Mona Lisa and then leave, but they still create large crowds and long lines that make the museum a must see.

That is not the case for a lucky winner of the contest and a guest of their choice. They are flown to Paris and can enjoy an incomparable pajama party. First a private tour followed by a "leisurely Renaissance aperitif" served in a lounge right in front of the Mona Lisa (19459005). Then, dinner will take place in front of the Venus de Milo and the night will conclude with an "intimate acoustic concert" in the living quarters of Napoleon III. [7] When it's bedtime, visitors sleep in a miniature glass pyramid reminiscent of the one in the Louvre courtyard.

The competition was launched by Airbnb. To be eligible, participants must submit a response with 800 characters to the question: "Why would you be the perfect host family of the Mona Lisa ?"

3 Shoplifter Given A Second Chance

A Convenience store owner in Toledo, Ohio was praised for working with a young shoplifter. Instead of handing it over to the authorities, he talked to him and gave him enough food to feed himself and his starving brother.

Last Saturday, Jitendra "Jay" Singh noticed that a teenager in his 7-Eleven business candy stuffed his bag. He had an employee visit 911 when he confronted the shoplifter. Singh told the young man to empty his bags on the counter and then simply asked him why he had stolen. The shoplifter answered that it was for him and his hungry brother.

At this point, it would have been easiest for Singh if the police had come in and arrested the juvenile thief. But he thought that way the teenager would have a record, never get a good job, and not be able to do anything about his life. [8] Instead, he told his employee to hang up the phone. He told the young man that from now on he should ask for food instead of stealing it. Singh also filled a bag of chicken drumsticks, hot dogs, pizza and a bottle of Coke so the hungry teenager would not go empty-handed.

2 The Trash Girl's Eco-Friendly Adventure

On On Friday, a teenager who was once bullied as a "trash girl" received British Prime Minister Theresa May's Points of Light prize for helping out to clean the environment in Norfolk.

For the first time, Nadia Sparkes & # 39; exploits were first heard in 2017. She would go to school an hour earlier to throw herself on the way and do the same on her trip home. She collected more than 1,100 liters of garbage. For her efforts, Nadia was ridiculed in school and called "Trash Girl".

Instead of letting the bully come to her, Nadia hugged her new artist and worked as before. She said the nickname made her feel "like a superhero." Many others agreed. Since then Nadia has been published in the local newspaper Eastern Daily Press and Trash Girl was featured in a portrait of the mud artist Ruddy Muddy. Her new personality was also used in a cartoon by Creative Nation. Now Nadia's environmental work was recognized by the British government when she received the "Point of Light Award" for "saving the planet". [9]

1 Roman's Journey

A The two-year-old boy from Kansas with Spina Bifida resisted the adversities and can now walk and even walk without crutches.

Roman Dinkel conquered the hearts of the online world in August 2018 for the first time. Millions watched a video in which he walked with his crutches for the first time and showed Maggie joyfully in front of the family doggie. In the following months, Roman has pushed his training strongly and can now move independently and even speed up. [10]

Roman was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that obstructs the normal development of the spinal cord. He also had hydrocephalus, extra fluid around the brain. Before his first birthday, he needed three operations on the brain and on the back. His parents did not expect him to make so much progress so quickly. You recently celebrated a trip to Disneyland. The family has also documented the progress of Roman on Facebook to draw attention to the rare spinal disease.

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